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  1. Vtex

    Type R Diff noise, please help.

    Hey guys, First of all, I have searched and see there is some info on the forum but don't think this answers my question or anyone posted a solution. I have a dc2 98 spec box in my SIR, the diff is sometimes making a groaning noise when turning at slow speed, when more than 1 full turn of lock...
  2. Vtex

    Ek9 spoiler

    As per title. Genuine Ek9 roof spoiler wanted.
  3. Vtex

    Obd1 ecu

    Wanted OBD1 chipped or unchipped ecu, vtec, non vtec. What have you? Pm please
  4. Vtex

    ek front adjustable camber arms

    Looking a pair of adjustable front upper cambers arms, low mileage ones are winners.
  5. Vtex

    prefacelift ek wings

    Looking mint passengers and drivers wings for a pre facelift ek4, colour does not matter but condition must be very tidy.
  6. Vtex

    ek9/dc2 brake dust covers

    Looking a clean set of dust covers to fit 282 front and 262 rear brakes on an ek4. Looking for very clean items and will buy new oem if cant find any.
  7. Vtex

    262 rear calipers to fit ek4

    As per title looking a clean set of calipers and carriers to fit an ek4 1998 vti.
  8. Vtex

    b16a2 OEM drive shaft power?

    Morning folks, I have tried searching and couldn't find the answer I'm looking for, so here goes! What's the maximum power b16a2 drive shafts can reliably transmit, providing all mounts, bushes etc. are good and tight? P.S. Forum mods please feel free to link me to the correct thread and...
  9. Vtex

    Shaving ek9/dc2 calipers

    Any one have any pictures of how they had to shave their 282 ITR/CTR etc. front calipers to fit over standard VTI fans or other similar 15" alloys? Vtex
  10. Vtex

    ek abs sensors

    Looking a full set of abs sensors for my pre-facelift 98 ek4. They MUST be in full working order and in pretty good condition, all brakets in good nick etc. Cash waiting. I will consider buying single or multiple sensors off different people, to make a full set of mint items
  11. Vtex

    Catback exhaust or spoon n1 backbox

    As per title looking for a half decent cat back system or spoon n1 backbox.
  12. Vtex

    Front number plate surround

    As per the title guys, looking the front number plate surround/bumper mount for an ek civic
  13. Vtex

    Help, wiring noise coming from b16 timing belt

    Spent yesterday doing a change on the cambelt and my valve clearances. Everything went fine and I was happy with the tension on the cam belt, AC, PS and alternator pulleys and all timing marks were go too. I took the spark plugs out and turned the engine over anti-clockwise just be sure there...
  14. Vtex

    22mm rear ARB D brackets

    Like the title. Need 22mm rear anti roll bar D brackets. Would prefer new ones but beggars can't be choosers!
  15. Vtex

    oem b16a2 cams for turbo build

    Planning a turbo build atm, was wondering how the oem b16a2 cams are for a turbo build? Was gonna buy type r cams for it but not sure there will be much point if I'm going boost anyway? Do these cams make for a good boost cam? And is there enough of a difference between them and the type r cams...
  16. Vtex

    running lean?

    Morning all, Will putting a full system on my car without a remap cause it to run lean?
  17. Vtex

    exhaust needed

    Hi guys i have an ek4 with standard b16, need a cat back exhaust system. Would also consider a full system (ek9 manifold or dc2 manifold would be good) as long as the price is right! What have yous got?
  18. Vtex

    ek9 mid section and back box

    Looking an ek9 mid section and back box, would consider quiet cat back systems
  19. Vtex

    paint or wrap

    thinking about getting my sideskirts and lips painted black, but might wrap it instead. Any body got pics of a good wrapping job? I'm thinking wrap because I can always take it off and it'll be cheaper. What do yas think?
  20. Vtex

    Yay or neigh?

    so I have basically new Tenzo r springs (35mm drop) on dc2 shocks that came of a rolling chassis that I bought. My car is currently running standard suspension (has 2 different spring in the front for some reason) with a 22mm arb on the rear. sell the shocks and springs and use the money else...