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  1. blas671

    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    I have been all over the websites and cant seem to find a company that sells vented hoods in Europe. I need help trying to find a store or online website that I can purchase a vented hood from. I am looking for a charge speed or VIS or firstmolding type hoods for 99-00 face lift . thanks
  2. blas671

    WTB 99-00 ek9 facelift Hood/Bonnet

    I am in need of a WHITE ek9 facelift hood/bonnet. I am located in Germany so postage would be necessary. Show me what you got. thank you
  3. blas671

    Selling my USDM GSR B18c1 in it possible

    Hello EK9, Had a question in regards to my motor I currently have. I am in the thoughts of trying to sell my USDM GSR motor but not to sure of the facts here in Europe. I know in Germany the germans need some kind of paperwork involved with me showing prof of purchase or a reciept of some sort...
  4. blas671

    Blas671 from Guam to Texas now in Germany USDM EJ ......

    IDK if I ever posted on here but I have been a member for a while now. My car has been with me since 2008 and since then it has gone through numerous transformations. Dont have much pics of it now but ill share with you what I have. I live in Germany now and looking for some legit Honda heads...
  5. blas671

    WTB OEM ek air box and intake arm

    Hello ek9 I am looking for a stock ek9 air box with arm, complete with bolts. I am in need of one ASAP. Also I am an American living in Germany so postage here would be awsome. thanks
  6. blas671

    WTB EK, Ek4, EG, or DC

    Hello, Looking to buy a clean JDM car or EDM DC2 I live in Germany and an American so I want one bad considering the difficulty of owning one in the states. Willing to work with seller on coordinating with purchase. send pics to
  7. blas671

    WTB 99-00 body parts

    Hello EK9 I am looking to purchase some Left & Right Fenders , Front Bumper , Rear Bumper, Trunk and hood. Items must be in good condish. I am located in Germany if anyone on here can work with me I greatly appreciate it thanks Might be willing to trade my VIS carbon fiber Trunk for your OEM...
  8. blas671

    WTB...EK9....DC2 ...stationed in Germany

    Hello EK9, I am in the market for an EK9 maybe a DC2. I am stationed in Germany so I am trying to get one from the UK. I was told there is faries that go back and forth from UK to Germany if that is the case then I am looking to go to the UK and pick one up or vice versa. If...
  9. blas671

    new to the forum not the game....stationed in Germany need some info

    whats up ek9 new here but not new to the game. I have a couple of questions for the experts on here. I am stationed in Germany and I am in the market for a JDM EK9. 1. Is pistonheads a good source for jdm cars here in Europe?? 2. Is it easy to ship a car from UK to Germany ?? I heard there...