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    B18C valvetrain + rods/pistons

    Selling the Oem internals from my B18C due to doing a high compression build. Have the valves, dual valve springs, retainers + collets. These are all in good condition. £150 + postage Also have the pistons + rods. Oem P72 pistons with matching rods. No signs of any damage to the piston crowns...
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    B18 crankshaft

    I’m looking for a crankshaft for a B18C/C6. Journals have to be good with no scoring etc, if a crank pulley is also available then that would be good as I’ll be needing one of those too. Would also possibly take a complete bottom end if the price is right Thanks!
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    Oil pump porting

    Hi guys I’m still gathering parts and info for my engine build and heard a few people mentioning oil cavitation issues with the oem oil pump above 9k rpm or so. My cams will make power high up, so I’d like the potential to rev as high as the cams + valvetrain allow, without worrying about any...
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    Race DNA

    Hi guys Does anybody know if race DNA are still in business? I’m wanting to get in touch with them about some head work on my B18, but their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2016 and they haven’t seen the message I sent them as a result, and the other website I found for them is dead...
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    Few photos of my coupe

    Went out for a blast last week and decided to get a few pics of the car while I was out, only had my phone on me but they turned out pretty good, so thought I'd share!
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    High compression B18 + cam choice

    Hi guys I'm planning on doing a high compression build on my B18 over the winter, aiming to keep it as a road engine mainly, with some trackdays thrown in too. Seen so many different setups and opinions so struggling to make a decision on what parts and setup I want. I've been offered a set...
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    Key replacement

    I'm needing a new key for my coupe cause the key is really worn and doesn't turn easily in the barrel. I've got the red key so can get another key cut no problem. But I'm not sure what the situation is with the immobiliser/key transponder. I've got an obd1 ecu so the ecu doesn't have an...
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    ARP extended studs

    Hi guys Anyone running ARP extended studs? Bought some for the back of my car as I'm replacing the rear wheel bearings and fancied some for a while. But I've tried 2 manufacturers of bearings, both non genuine, and the studs don't fit, the splined section of the stud is smaller than the hole in...
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    Tyre recommendations

    Hi guys I've got a new set of wheels coming from Japan, they're 16x7. I'm not sure what tyre size is best to go for, I was thinking 205/50, but not sure how that'll look? The car is pretty low so can't go for too high a sidewall. Also looking for recommendations on what tyre to run, gonna be...
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    Checking CEL codes

    Hi guys I've got the CEL light on intermittently in my B18 coupe. Strangely enough my car doesn't have the 2 pin plug that you bridge to check the codes. Dash has been out etc and it definitely isn't there at all. The codes have been previously checked at the ecu, but not by me. Can anyone...
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    Carbon bonnet

    Looking for an OEM style carbon bonnet for a prefacelift EK. Anybody got one available? Cheers
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    Carbon fibre finishing

    Hi guys I've had a carbon fibre roof made up for my car, although the guy who made it had a few issues getting the finish perfected. He'd made a couple of panels but kept encountering problems, so we had to call it quits as the amount of time and materials used were mounting up. I picked up...
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    Went for a drive this evening

    Since the weathers been lovely today, a few of us decided to make the most of it and go for a drive to the coast. Thought it was a good opportunity to get the camera out too! Few more pics here - Let me know what...
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    Hondas On Track

    Hi guys Is anyone on here a member of the Hondas On Track forum? Was planning on signing up to their trackday at Croft in July, but I need to do that through the forum. Went to register to the forum and I just get a message saying that registrations are blocked. Anyone able to post a thread up...
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    More Japfest 2 pics

    These are probably nowhere near as soon as the ones @Saqib posted! But here they are anyway! Took nowhere near as many pics as I expected, mostly just from the stand. Got some more pics here -
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    Super Lap Scotland, Knockhill

    Was up at Knockhill with Rippu for SLS on Sunday. Thought I'd share my pics More can be found here -
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    Needing help tracking down a part

    Hi guys I'm needing a replacement fuel gauge for my EK9 gauge cluster that's in my coupe. Ive been down to my local Honda dealer and been told they're discontinued and there's none in the UK (as you'd expect with them being imports), they suspected there wouldn't be any in Europe either. I've...
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    Monster Attack track day

    I know these are a bit late, but heres the pics I took at the first Monster Unit track day of the year at Knockhill More pics are here -
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    My EP2 daily driver

    May aswell post a thread on my daily driver that I got back in March. Not planning on doing much to it cause I want to keep it sensible, also means I'm taking money away from the coupe! :lol: Bought it from my work last March, 59K with a Honda service history, in amazing condition! Had it...
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    Ultimate Scottish Streetcar, Crail

    Had nothing to do on Sunday so went up to Crail to watch a bit of drag racing. Was a decent day out, quite a few decent cars there. Wussed out of taking the coupe on the strip though :lol: Heres some pics Got some more here -...