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  1. HoNdaDeViL

    How To Put On Wind Deflectors(Saloon)

    hi all have a set of deflectors for my 4 door saloon ek and aint got a clue how these go on can anyone help me out as have no instructions hoe to put them !!
  2. HoNdaDeViL

    How To Put On Wind Defectors(Saloon )

    hi all have a set of deflectors for my 4 door saloon ek and aint got a clue how these go on can anyone help me out as have no instructions hoe to put them !!
  3. HoNdaDeViL

    **wanted**front LHS side stripe on car

    its the stripe dwn the side of the car im looking for the front piece on the wing under the side indicator if anyone can help me out or even have a part number thanks in advance??
  4. HoNdaDeViL

    anyone got

    left hand side front wing grub stripe champ white its the piece under the indicator light on the side
  5. HoNdaDeViL

    looking for two things

    hi lads im goin changing my timing belt on my 9 so if anyone can knw where to get the bits handy and i need driver side cv joint with abs cheers:secret:
  6. HoNdaDeViL

    any irish meets coming up

    hi just woundering if any irish meets been organised soon?
  7. HoNdaDeViL

    abs light staying on

    hi lads as above it on once u turn the key i tried cleaning the sensors :nono: where would the problem comeing from:nice:
  8. HoNdaDeViL

    iphone for sale

    i have i 8gig ipone up for sale with very cool app comes with all acc charger,dock,and ipod shuffle,selling dew to my girlfriend buying me 3gs 32gig offers over 200:shocked:
  9. HoNdaDeViL

    what will fit ek4

    the engine thats in it is d15z6 will any vtec engine fit it:nice:
  10. HoNdaDeViL

    whos got

    facelift grill 99 champwhite if anyone knws where i can get one :nice:
  11. HoNdaDeViL

    oem headlights

    as above im lookin to buy new ones anyone von ere have any:confused:
  12. HoNdaDeViL

    yellow fogs

    does anyone on this site sell the fogs for the bumper or knw where to get a set?u can get them on ebay i know my mate bought a set and not that good so anywhere else to get them:D
  13. HoNdaDeViL

    best oil for

    hi whats the best oil to use in my b16 as it needs changing i hav been usein castrol 10w 40 but want to know whats best and will i go weaker or stronger or is 10w 40 ok:D
  14. HoNdaDeViL

    mint alarm looook???????????

    tennon alarm bought it at puncherstown last year for my woman car but sold it recently so want this gone it has alot of functions on it :blabla: what you gor for an ek9 or make an offer cheers:nice:
  15. HoNdaDeViL

    4 branch & ht leads

    as said above? appricate any help i also have hks induction kit and itr std manifold for sale if anybody has intrest in p/x or something:D
  16. HoNdaDeViL hoodies

    hi lads i have a thread up about getting them made can u put ur name down if intrested the supplier is waiting on word to go ahead or not need to get the ball rolling if where going ahead with it:))
  17. HoNdaDeViL

    Hks cold air feed

    i bought this in america its hsk cold air induction kit nice rasp cuming into vtec:shocked:it fit pre-facelift and facelift it gos up behind the bumper offers new hks filter since pics
  18. HoNdaDeViL

    lookin to buy

    :Dthe bolts thats used for bolting in the oem airbox and also looking for some kind of aftermarket pan filter:D
  19. HoNdaDeViL

    What there saying is worth

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  20. HoNdaDeViL

    Sample hoodie is here

    hi lads i recived the sample hoody today there a good fit and quailty is good heres a few pic off the one he done up?if we go with putting small H on the front and big EK9.ORG on back or else reverse the design big H on back and small EK9 on front? it will cost more to get anything else done he...