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  1. NIcad7

    Drop in Cat

    Item for Sale: Drop in Catalytic Convertor Price: £30 + £10 Post Location: Bulford, Wiltshire Condition: Good Description: Drops in place of your Decat pipe come MOT time Only seen a few miles after I bought it brand new a few years back. Standard 2 hole flange at one end 3 hole flange at...
  2. NIcad7

    B Series Yellow Cam Cover

    Item for Sale: B Series Cam Cover in Yellow Price: £50 + £10 Post Location: Bulford, Wiltshire Condition: Good Description: Decent condition, has a few chips in the paint as you can see. Good gasket included as well as the silver sparks cover. Pictures:
  3. NIcad7

    EG Blacked Out Headlights

    Item for Sale: EG Blacked Out Headlights Price: £50 + £10 Post Location: Bulford, Wiltshire Condition: Good Description: A pair of standard glass lensed EG headlights ion great condtion, all brackets intact etc. These have been pulled apart and had the inner casing sprayed black and properly...
  4. NIcad7

    B Series Dizzy to collect Wiltshire/Hampshire

    WANTED - Good known working B series (twin plug type) Distributer to collect in the Wiltshire/Hampshire area next (bank holiday) weekend!
  5. NIcad7

    B18C6 Missfire.....

    OK, before we start, I have searched the **** out of this, on this forum, google, everywhere. I've found a few threads where people have had similar symptoms and checked their fixes but to no avail in my case. So, at my last race at Cadwell I had second in the bag then a missfire began to...
  6. NIcad7

    My little video series...

    If you have the time please take a look at my humble little video series I've been putting together over the past few weeks. It's far from spectacular but it just follows the build of my EG6 ready to compete in my first ever race in the Roadsports series of the 750MC at the end of June! Motor...
  7. NIcad7

    EG6 vs E36 Race Car

    Finally put together a short clip of my last track day in December, apologies for the crap camera angle. Will sort it for next time!
  8. NIcad7

    A few K Swap parts - K-Tuned Immobiliser Delete & DC5 Shifter

    Item for sale: K-Tuned Immobiliser Multiplexor Bypass Reputation: Price: £140 Posted ono Paypal: Yes Buyer to pay fee's (4%) Location: Huntingdon Condition: New but has been fitted/tested Description: Does what it sais on the tin really. Allows you...
  9. NIcad7

    Oil Pump

    Ive tried searching the web, all I really need is a Honda Service Schedule to see when things need doing. What I'm looking for is when should the oil pump be changed on a B series, specifically a B18C6. Going to be giving my new engine a full refresh, belts, pumps, gaskets etc and just...
  10. NIcad7

    K20 complete engine/box

    Item for sale: K20A2 Engine & Gearbox Reputation: Price: £1000 no offers Paypal: No (Collection only) Location: Huntingdon Condition: Used Description: I have a complete EP3 that I am breaking so all parts are available but this add is just for the...
  11. NIcad7

    Bedford - 6th October anyone?

    I'm planning on going, hopefully going to get it booked this evening. Looks like I'm rolling solo though. Would be good to meet some fellow Hondas if anyone is going?
  12. NIcad7

    4-1 Manifold, Y21 Box, Clutch, B Series parts

    Item for sale: Y21 Gearbox Reputation: NIcad7 Price: £100 Collection only Paypal: Yes plus fee's Location: Huntingdon, Cambs Condition: Good but dirty Description: Just pulled this from my EG6. I was led to believe it's an LSD type box but unfortunately it's not. Mileage is unknown. It's very...
  13. NIcad7

    Garage Project!

    ***Mods - If this is deemed to be in the wrong area of the forum please move it ;) *** Well Ive finally taken the plunge and bought my own place after saving for a while. There was only one prerequisite to buying a property and that was that it had to have a decent sized garage/workshop - and...
  14. NIcad7

    Black Aerocatch's - Brand New!

    Item for sale: Aerocatch Plus Flush Reputation: NIcad7 Price: £35 Posted Paypal: Yes, buyer pays fee's Location: Bulford, wiltshire Condition: Brand new in packaging Description: Everyone knows what these are, they are the non locking type. Only selling as I simply haven't used them.
  15. NIcad7


    Recently made enough posts to start selling bits :win: Been a member of quite a few forums in the past and never had an issue with selling bits :) :thanks:
  16. NIcad7

    Interesting video comparing gear ratio's in DC2's

    Sorry if this is a repost! Surely something has to be up with the 'full tune box' car?
  17. NIcad7

    Rebuilt S80 Gearbox Rattle

    Hoping someone who has handled gearboxes can help here. Had this S80 rebuilt, however when I move it around something is rattling inside. I don't know if it's a 'normal' rattle or not. Everything feels fine, turns smooth etc. Was hoping to put this into the car this weekend! Please have a...
  18. NIcad7

    NINJA Gearbox question. If anyone can answer this they win a prize!

    So Ive spent today swapping out a 96 spec S80's guts into a brand new casing. Taken me all day with a few standstills, finally onto the last stages of bolting bit's back onto the casing. I go to fit the shifter fork bolts (Pictured below) and they are a different thread! The ones I have from...
  19. NIcad7

    Anyone up for sharing workshop space (Hampshire)??

    Me and a mate are looking to rent a garage/unit/workshop in the new year to keep/build our trackday Civic's. We are looking for somewhere around Hampshire, preferably somewhere along the M3. Seems to be near impossible to find anywhere that can house 2 cars with working space but there are...
  20. NIcad7

    Renting Garage Space?

    Due to a move in jobs I'm going to be left without a workshop to work on my car which I'm coming to realise is going to suck! Ive met quite a few blokes in the past who are renting small warehouses/garages that they share with other car orientated blokes to work on thier cars for not a lot of...