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    Vtec dying out

    Hi guys, Having some trouble with 1998 b16a2. Decided to add the following mods to my b16: Itr cams Itr intake Toyo sports 4-2-1 straight through and decat Itr valves,springs and retainers - Problem is, my vtec isn't cutting in as harsh as it was at standard - seems to be dying...
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    B16a2 head

    Hi guys, Just replaced all my valve train from my b16a2 to itr valve train, started first time BUT when I want to go rev it, it seems to want to die but doesn't and then eventually decides to revs, almost like it chockes. Any ideas what it could be? Also all my valve clearances are...
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    Hi guys, need a ek4 vti driver's side hub. 4 x 100
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    Hi guys Got a vti-s b16a2 and my hubs messed up...was wondering if my driveshafts would fit in to mb6 vti hub as there the only hubs i can find.
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    Hi AR42 Garret Turbo any good? What sort of power output does it have?
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    Turbo? Or N/A?

    Hey guys i need some really confused on what build i want in my ek4 its a big standard b16a2... jus wanted knowledge on different builds and pros and cons cheers
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    B20 Build

    Hey guys just bought a bottom end but having trouble choosing what internals to use for it( pistons i.e) was wonder if any one had any ideas? i have no budget its the b20b3
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    hey guys quick question about my injectors off my b16a2 which type are they are they rail mounted ones or what?
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    looking for injectors...high impedence

    hey guys am looking for some high impedence injectors for my b16a2
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    Ticking noise

    hy guys got a vti-s and its making a ticky noise when at idle and when driving i no i could do with some new or cleaned injectors but its more of a slow ticking noise coming from the middle-ish of the engine has been serviced about 1500-2000 k ago if that helps
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    big brakes

    hey guys wanted to do a bigger brake set up..but does that mean i need to change the hub?
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    b16a2 engine

    how can i get the most power out it without a turbo?
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    Where can i get a b20z bottom end from? isit simple?

    hey guys got a b16a2 wanted to go with the b20z bottom and standard head. where can i get a bottom end from? and isit a difficult job? any relevant info would b good cheers.