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  1. _JT

    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    Really cool project to restore the car instead of breaking! How do you think this compares to the Clio you had?
  2. _JT

    Any og's still on here?

    This. I would love to get this board to be more active again. What can we do to get this going again? Maybe rvm can chime in on this. Send all members an e-mail. Something like "Fsck Facebook, let's get this more active!"
  3. _JT

    Feedback needed for upgrading

    Ah yes, shorter gearing might be your best bet to a faster car, at the cost of top speed though and higher rpm at motorway cruising. But that might be as much work as swapping an engine. I think your best of sticking with the ECU yes and put the money in handling and/or brakes.
  4. _JT

    Need a good help making my decision!

    Welcome! I have had an EK3 in hatchback form as a daily besides my DC2. Was a nice daily car and really economical. Where are you from? At least here it seems nice examples just seem to get more rare. No rust at all is a good starting point (if you're sure of that). The paint seems a bit "used"...
  5. _JT

    Feedback needed for upgrading

    I agree with the above posters. Get bolt-ons, an after market ECU and a good tune. If you want more power past the point of bolt-ons, it's gonna get very expensive very quickly simply because a B16b is already a highly tuned engine from the factory. Expect to spend 2500 or more pounds for...
  6. _JT

    Any og's still on here?

    Welcome back :) Have you been able to compare the FD2 to a DC2 or EK9 yourself?
  7. _JT

    Door speakers

    You should try to find max mounting depth and then see what after market speaker fits. Diameter is mostly one of the standard sizes on cars so if you can find the mounting depth then you can choose a nice set of speakers. Usually mounting depth is limited by the window of your door. A set of...
  8. _JT

    My new car and it ain't a Honda...

    It's a modified Ford engine yes. Unfortunately Mazda hasn't modified it enough to make it a better engine...Unfortunately there are no parts for a K-swap.
  9. _JT

    My new car and it ain't a Honda...

    But it is Japanese! It's a mk3 MX5! One of the cars on my car-bucket-list. I needed a new car and finally had the budget for a really nice one but not for a decent Type R. So I bought one (1.8), more or less the only really nice looking one. Had it checked by a garage. Engine went after a couple...
  10. _JT

    My EK9 from the Isle of Man

    Must be one of the best places on earth to own an EK9 :D
  11. _JT

    Ek9 k24 turbo sequential

    Wow. That's absolutely bonkers. Must easily be doing 350+ hp? Though I do wonder with the power it must be making, even though the EK9 has a wonderfull chassis wouldn't the FWD cause a lot of trouble in corners?
  12. _JT

    Michael Flare @ JZilla 2020

    Looks great! Awesome to see the car doing what it was made for. Your rims show signs of a little braking :D
  13. _JT

    Instrument cluster carbon wrap

    Not bad at all!
  14. _JT

    1997 Honda Civic EK2 Conversion Part 2 (Work in progress) Engine Swap

    Cool! I remember swapping my EG5 from a D16z6 to a B16A. Smaller step than you are doing but the satisfaction when everything was running ok and the way the car went...absolute bonkers to be able to rev to 8200rpm all of a sudden.
  15. _JT

    B16b Exhaust Manifold

    And the stock JDM 98 Spec DC2 header might be your best bet. Always tested very good on tuned cars and not much worse or even just as good as header costing many hundreds of dollars/pounds/euro's.
  16. _JT

    Still got my EG9

    That looks insane :nice:
  17. _JT

    Any og's still on here?

    I hang around sometimes. Everything seems to have moved to Facebook. But I hate Facebook and don't have a profile. It's a shame many forums have become so quiet.
  18. _JT

    98 spec Integra Type R

    Looks wonderfull mate!
  19. _JT

    Loom help for b16 EG swap

    I don't know that much about wiring but wouldn't it be easier to try and find an OBD1 loom?
  20. _JT


    You mean a Whatsapp group?