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  1. jam301986

    Super low rails driver side for an ep3

    Hi as above looking for driver side or better for both passengers side as well looking to fit my corbeau bucket seats for an ep3. Thanks guys! Andy
  2. jam301986

    Jdm ep3 recaro seats into ukdm ep3 rails

    As above will they bolt on straight with no modifications wanted to fit jdm recaro seats using ukdm ep3 rails and bolt on to my ukdm ep3 are they compatible?? Regards Andy
  3. jam301986

    Steering wheel vibrates on a hard brake on corners on track

    Hi everyone Quick question here slight problem with my accord type r last track day seems to be having a problem everytime I brake on a hard corner my steering wheel just vibrates I suspect might be front calipers causing slight play? It's got mtec disc and ferodo pads. Thanks Guys!!
  4. jam301986


    I know it's a long shot but anyone on here got one looking for 2nd hand in good condition. Thanks Jam
  5. jam301986

    One day insurance

    As above where's the best deal I can get for one day I'm insuring an ATR I'm 29 yrs old. Thanks guys Jam
  6. jam301986


    Hi guys as above looking for a good one within 1500 to 2k? Thanks Jam
  7. jam301986


    As above anyone got that's just laying around pm me. Thanks Mike
  8. jam301986

    Blackworks rear subframe

    As above anyone selling up in silver it's for an mb6 vti fitment. Thanks jam
  9. jam301986

    skunk2 camber arms

    Looking for a pair eg/dc2 fitment Thanks!!
  10. jam301986

    3" harness

    As above anyone selling 2nd hand one budget not more than 70 as long as it's not bad/threaded only be using for track etc Thanks mike
  11. jam301986

    japfest 2015 track booking

    Hi guys/gals How y all doing? Just getting infos on when is the best month can I book for a track session as this is a first come first serve basis tickets sold out so quick. Cheers mike
  12. jam301986

    Ek vti stay throttle wire

    As above anyone got laying around needed ASAP as I've uprated my intake manifold and throttle cable. Thanks!!
  13. jam301986

    Stay, throttle wire

    As above anyone selling up either ek4/ek9 the one that supports the throttle cable from the intake manifold as I've uprated mine. Thanks
  14. jam301986

    eg boss kit

    As above has anyone got just laying around or spare one that I can get hold to? Cheers guys!
  15. jam301986

    dc2 throttle cable with bracket

    Anyone of you lads got one laying around together with the 10mm bolts for the bracket thanks guys!
  16. jam301986


    As said from above has anyone of you already got it chipped and socketed it's for a b18c4 engine thanks guys!
  17. jam301986

    dc2 oem intake

    Quick question lads as im replacing my whale intake into oem dc2 ones will it fit into an mb6 chassis? It's got an uprated blox inlet manifold . Thanks
  18. jam301986

    P28 ecu

    Anyone selling up from htune?
  19. jam301986

    jubilee clips

    Can someone help me as above where can I get proper ones I'm replacing my radiator pipes and old clips are pretty rusted? Thanks guys/gals
  20. jam301986

    champ white

    Spotted champ white ek9 just around yeovil Preston road lady driver around 2pm