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  1. RagingAngel

    1.5 way Plate LSD

    For FF applications, it is generally more desirable to have a 1.0 way setup. This is because during decel and braking, you want the diff to be open and free for both wheels to spin at different speeds. If there is any locking such as the 1.5 way would enable, the car would understeer more than...
  2. RagingAngel

    250 bhp atmospheric?

    Good God this thread. 250bhp is around 220whp or so. That can be daunting to make without proper cams and compression. The head also needs to be ported. The formula for such power output isn't all that exotic, you just need to know what you're doing and research. Pistons you select should...
  3. RagingAngel

    MFactory Solid Shifter Bushings

    It is recommended to use a lithium grease but any grease will do. Just not something that's dry-film nor WD40 which tends to be a bit too slippery if it gets all over the bushing. Some heat also helps as the durometer is quite high. We recommend a heat gun or if that's not available, a hair...
  4. RagingAngel

    Fidanza flywheel

    Mine was also loose albeit it was on a D-Series. We had a bunch of loctite laying around and just coated the outside of the bearing and dropped it in place. It's been fine ever since.
  5. RagingAngel

    Hello from the State of Washington, USA

    be sure to do some lapping days out in Spokane!
  6. RagingAngel

    D16Z6 turbo

    You must first establish what your expected goals are and what kind of budget you have in mind. See here:
  7. RagingAngel

    Prices of Superchargers, Turbos and K20's

    How is it that you figure that a turbo makes more torque lower in the rev range than an SC. If anything most (not ALL) turbo setups have an exponential power curve on a Honda. Meaning it looks like a scaled up version of its NA self. It is more likely to break traction AT vtec when the turbo...
  8. RagingAngel

    Whales "*****" induction kit

    They can be effective if properly shielded from ambient/underhood radiating heat.
  9. RagingAngel

    Been offered 6 different Turbo engines what you think?

    I read what you wrote which is why I suggested you give a properly sorted D-Turbo setup a try. They are as Vtec6000 pointed out below, great fun to drive. We've had a guy do a turbo D16Z6 and it was much the same story - but he used bits and pieces from a defunct Apex'i kit and with a solid...
  10. RagingAngel

    b18c4 head on a b16b block

    there is a difference in flow but the actual difference isn't going to cause performance figures to suffer. From what I recall, the PR3 does flow marginally better at the expense of quality compression - which can be "fixed" with a better piston.... and on the other hand, the P72's flow...
  11. RagingAngel

    is this worth my while

    You have PM Paul.
  12. RagingAngel

    Been offered 6 different Turbo engines what you think?

    If you have no personal experience on the matter of turbo'ing the D, I highly suggest you test drive a properly sorted out example. They are hardly a waste of time when for the same amount of money spent, they can be faster and, more fun than mildly tuned Bs
  13. RagingAngel

    b18c4 head on a b16b block

    The valve seats must be cut appropriately for the CTR intake valves to fit. The exhaust valves are the same in all B-VTEC heads. The seals have to be purchased new. You should take the time to check the condition of the guides and see if they need replacing too. I suppose you could get away...
  14. RagingAngel

    b18c4 head on a b16b block

    You would probably get some nominal gains from the bump in compression but you cannot maximize this setup without having the ECU remapped. Also, I would like to have the ports ported CTR style and also get a 3 angle valve job along with better intake valves from the CTR. If your valvesprings...
  15. RagingAngel

    b18c4 head on a b16b block

    The c4 head is desirable for two reasons. 1) it has quench pads around its combustion chamber for smaller volume which will raise both the quality and quantity of compression. 2) it has a more direct shot of incoming air into the combustion chamber from the intake manifold. Depending on what...
  16. RagingAngel

    temperature problem

    I would not recommend the lower temp.thermostat as it can cause more problems particularly if you live in a colder climate. If the car can't reach proper operating temp, it will stay in the warm up cycle on the ecu. Poor fuel mileage will be the result as well as accelerated engine wear. An oem...
  17. RagingAngel

    Sc4 ek4 gearbox won't select reverse, help!

    The selector may be bent internally. This requires removal and opening of the transmission. This can happen if reverse has been engaged in the past without the car coming to a complete stop.
  18. RagingAngel

    is this worth my while

    If you purchase the oem 98 spec final drive you must also be certain that it includes the first gear, distance collar and needle bearings. The alternative is to purchase an MFactory unit which will be a direct replacement. Please contact me for details via the information in my signature below.
  19. RagingAngel

    B16A1 raising compression

    Best question asked. After you establish a budget, then settle on some goals you'd be happy with and we can then tell you if what you're trying to do is feasible.
  20. RagingAngel

    Cusco RS LSD - 1 or 1.5 way - help me decide...

    Glad you ended up with a 1 way. The reason why you want this over any other specifically for circuit use is because it opens under braking and decel. This enables you to place the car where you want to without any input from the lsd if it were a 1.5 or 2 way which can result in understeer unless...