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  1. SlipCivic

    A cops worst nightmare! - WARNING, THE PHOTO IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC !!

    I normally don't post things like this, especially due to the graphic nature of this subject. However, this is something that cannot be ignored. I sincerely hope the perpetrator is found and punished to the greatest extent of the law. Everyone serving in law enforcement prays they'll never get...
  2. SlipCivic

    Happy Birthday JDMness

    Happy Happy Birthdey to youuuuu :secret::blinx::ek9:
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    conversation i over heard while shopping...

    So I was shopping at Sainsburys the other day, when a young lad who worked there was approched by his mate who was out of work clothes. Heard the lad who came in to see his mate working talking about modifying his "PuG 1o6" Upon listening into his convo, the guy working at JS said he wanted...
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    Technical Section

    Can we have an Electrical section added?
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    Technical Section

  6. SlipCivic

    Pre-Facelift vs Facelift

    Ok, this question gets asked quite frequently! "What's the difference between Pre-Facelift and Facelift?" Well, here's your answer!.. Pre-Facelift: Honda Civic starting from 1996 to 1998. Facelift: Honda Civic starting from 1998 to 2000. The Pre-Facelift was the original design of...
  7. SlipCivic

    Sewer Cam

    You know all that crap you flushed down the toilet? Well it's back, and it's pissed off! YouTube - Malphrus Cameron Village Blob
  8. SlipCivic

    Christchurch Drive, Blackwater

    Are you on here? I rode past your EK9 sat on the driveway.
  9. SlipCivic

    Random Sticker

    Stolen from someone's facebook pictures, does anyone know where I could get hold of this sticker? I've looked everywhere with no luck! om! nom! nom! :nice:
  10. SlipCivic

    K20 type throttle bodies / trumpit intakes

    Does anyone know where to get these from? I've seen a few pics around of them being on the B16B, H22 and most DOHC's. Can you buy it? Or have people just made them up? DIY. :nice:
  11. SlipCivic


    BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | F1 - The World's Greatest Car Chase Rumor has it, the black one is The Stig. They're bringing back the old theme music too :clap:
  12. SlipCivic

    Chimpanzee on a segway...

    YouTube - Chimpanzee Riding A Segway :nice: bam bam bamm bam bammmm!!
  13. SlipCivic

    Tailgate Recess

    Anyone got a spare one? My car's a Facelift, not sure if it makes a difference. Mine has broken clips which hold the numberplate, let me know what you've got.
  14. SlipCivic

    EK9 vs GSi

    My mate just bought a Corsa GSi, completely standard apart from rear stripped. It's a 1.6 I'm not getting insurance until April on my EK9, and he claims he'll wipe the floor with me. I've read somewhere that the Corsa GSi is only 110BHP... I think he's out of his league, and should swim...
  15. SlipCivic

    Standard EK9 Airbox

    Recenty bought an EK9 with a whale ***** air intake. After a OEM air intake / box. If you've got one, shoot me a PM and price. Or if you like, we could swap? Let me know what you've got :nice:
  16. SlipCivic

    Volk Racing, Rays Light Weight Wheel Lug Nuts 12 X 1.5 Red (20)

    For Sale are a set of 20 light weight Volk Rays Racing wheel lug nuts, these are 12 X 1.5, so are suitable for all Hondas. 4 of the lug nuts are locking ones, which are also supplied with key. Brand new condition, recently purchased through eBay about a month ago. Never used. £85 delivered.
  17. SlipCivic

    Honda Car Cover

    Do Honda make an official car cover for the EK9? If so, dose anyone have a picture of it, covering an EK9 or maybe have the part number? Just curious to see how much these would be if they make one.:nice:
  18. SlipCivic

    Few bits for sale :)

    Rays red wheels nuts. Short ones. Bought these but don't have any aftermarket rims to go with them, so forces sale. Rear EK9 OEM red Type R car mats. Bought myself these from eBay to then buy an EK9 with them in already. Mats are in really good conditon, just need a clean as you can see...
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    Planet Sizes

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    New Sony Release!!!

    Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of **** That Doesn't ******* Work | The Onion - America's Finest News Source