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    EK4 Track/Daily K Car

    hey guys. have today some time and wanna introduce you my EK4 K20 Swapped Track/Daily 1997 G82P EK4 K20a2 marching Trans with a Port and Polished RSP manifold HASports Mounts BWE Swap Harness ProECU K by DocTronic Fully Polybushed BC Racing Coilovers 282mm Brake in with CL Brake pads Got...
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    newone from Germany EK4 K20

    hey im Nico 26 and from Büren Germany. My Car is a 1997 EK4 VTI which i pick up from Poland. Clean rustfree Shell with a good running B16 after i drove it stock except for a wahle intake - 7 Month later i go for a B20VTEC build with all the high comp stuff (230hp) - for me it was to unsafe for...