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    what did this used to be?

    voiturette turbo - YouTube
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    Headlight covers

    Do people still bother with these? When i first got my ek4 they were the first things to come off. They are still sitting in my garage now. Ive just seen a pair on ebay and at the moment, they are at £88! Honda Civic headlamp protectors Genuine Honda EK4 EK9 Vti Type R | eBay I have...
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    Opinions on Bmw e36 318is coupe

    Hey guys, going to go view one this evening and is there anything i should be looking out for?
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    For real?

    Having the usual boredom browe on youtube and stumbled upon this: CRX Si 510Hp Vs 240sx 236Hp OFFICIAL VIDEO - YouTube
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    Can't get hold of Tegiwa on the phone.

    Starting to take the piss now, been on hold for nearly 40 minutes! Different number on their website too! Want to trace a parcel thats lost apparently delivered at 1 oclock yesterday and no one will tell me where the **** up has been made!! Spoke to UPS and they are a bunch of liars so need...
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    Standard exhaust system for b16a2 ek4

    Hello everyone, i'm looking to buy a standard exhaust system as my ek4 came with a 3" system which to me is pretty pointless on a standard car, not just the diameter but the cabin drone is unbearable without the bung in. Hopefully somebody is local or is willing to post which i am happy to pay...
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    Having difficulty fitting my Carbon Tegiwa Induction kit.

    Hey everyone, was wondering if you could share your advice and help me out with a problem. Bought a carbon Tegiwa induction kit and b18c intake arm last week and im struggle to make it fit my ek4. Ive got the standard airbox and resonator box (hopes thats the right word) out and also removed...
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    White ek9 modified live at snetterton 23/9/12

    I was on the FYC racing stand as well as this ek9 but never saw the owner.
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    Sugs Ek4 Vti- Slow but Steady project.

    Hey everyone im Craig, from my introduction thread you will have seen i purchased my Ek4 as a 21st birthday present for myself. Thought i should start a progress thread and keep you all up to date, please bear in mind ive never done a progress thread before so there will be alot of learning on...
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    New Member

    Hey everyone, i'm Craig. I'm near Ipswich in Suffolk. Just purchased my first Honda Civic for my 21st on the 16/05. Already in love with it. Ive added pictures of my previous car just so you can get an idea of what i'm into. Also some pictures of my Civic and how i bought it after a...