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    Lee is a brown cat with one big eye.

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    EK4 Cat OEM

    put a full standard type r exhaust on and diameter is too small.
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    EK4 Cat OEM

    got a brand new 1 but need to find out postage unles u are local
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    A useful link for k swaps

    Thank you sir, a great read.
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    what did this used to be?

    I thought it was a fiat uno to begin with
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    what did this used to be?

    voiturette turbo - YouTube
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    Headlight covers

    Do people still bother with these? When i first got my ek4 they were the first things to come off. They are still sitting in my garage now. Ive just seen a pair on ebay and at the moment, they are at £88! Honda Civic headlamp protectors Genuine Honda EK4 EK9 Vti Type R | eBay I have...
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    Help me win this? Pleasse!?

    Another like for you chap.
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    What colour to paint my eg!?!

    That s2k blue is nice imo
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    TEGIWA in the 2013 TEGIWA Civic Cup : Round 1 : Cadwell Park

    That ep3 looks amazing!
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    K20 engine gearbox ecu driveshafts air box

    where abouts in suffolk are you?
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    Found this and thought of you

    I just got this on facebook too
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    Opinions on Bmw e36 318is coupe

    Hey guys, going to go view one this evening and is there anything i should be looking out for?
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    My Honda Civic !

    Looks fantastic!
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    Monster Unit ef9

    Brilliant video
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    Honda Integra Type R UKDM Milano red

    Looks fantastic now
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    April Fools day - needs to be stopped!

    Wow i genuinely fell for this.
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    Wages/rate of pay help.

    When i was on my electrical engineering apprenticeship i was on £3.97 an hour
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    Honda Civic ED7

    Wow i really do like this.