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  1. Cesare

    Spoiler base plate

    Anyone got a EK9 base plate they'd sell? Thanks
  2. Cesare

    Spoon N1

    Item for sale: Spoon N1 catback exhaust Reputation: Cesare Price: £400 collected. Can post at buyers expense. Paypal: Yes, Cash on collection or Bank Transfer Location: Brandon/Suffolk Condition: Good clean condition Description: Pictures: Having trouble posting pics, if anyones interested...
  3. Cesare

    Built S80 Gearbox

    *S80 Gearbox for sale* S80 with S4C 4th/5th Mfactory 5.1 Final Drive Kaaz Plated Diff Sychrotech Carbon Synchros £1200 collected from Brandon/Suffolk
  4. Cesare

    B18C6 Cam'd ITB'd

    ITR DC2 B18C6 Engine For Sale* B18C6 88k Miles Skunk2 Tuner Stage 2 Cams Supertech Titanium Dual Valve Spring And Retainers Supertech Valves Supertech Valve Stem Oil Seals OBX Head Matched ITB's Skunk2 550cc Injectors Moroso Baffled Sump Toda Adjustable Cam Pulleys Toda Cam Belt...
  5. Cesare

    Polycarbonate / Lexan Windows

    Anyone selling any Polycarbonate / Lexan Windows?
  6. Cesare

    JDM ITR 98 spec 16" wheels

    I'm selling my JDM 98 spec ITR wheels if anyones interested. Could ideally do with a refurb, no center caps. 205 Federal RSR's with loads of tread. £600 Collected from Brandon in Suffolk. Only one pic for now, I'll get some more at the weekend of each wheel.
  7. Cesare

    Full OEM EK9 Exhaust System

  8. Cesare

    C/B Pillar Bar, BWR 2.5" Adjustable Decat

    Item for sale: C/B pillar bar Price: Sold Paypal: Yes (buyer covers fees) Location: Brandon/Suffolk Condition: used Description: EK9 C/B pillar bar Pictures: Item for sale: BWR 2.5" adjustable decat pipe Price: sold Paypal: Yes (buyer covers fees) Location: Brandon/Suffolk Condition: used...
  9. Cesare

    FLUIDYNE full length radiator a fan

    Item for sale: FLUIDYNE full length radiator and fan Price: sold Paypal: Yes Location: Brandon/Suffolk Condition: Used Description: full length fluidyne radiator with fan, few miner bent fins, no leaks at all. This is DC2 fitment but fits EK/EG with the lower rad bracket moved. Pictures:
  10. Cesare

    EK9 front ABS sensors

    Item for sale: EK9 front abs sensors Price: £30 the pair Paypal: yes Location: Brandon/suffolk Condition: good working condition Description: removed from my EK9, good working condition.
  11. Cesare

    Twin Pot Callipers & BNIB HEL Braided Brake Lines

    Item for sale: Accord v6/Legend Twin Pot Callipers Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes, if buyer covers fee's Location: Brandon/Suffolk Condition: Used Description: Accord V6/Legend twin pot callipers with pads. Pictures: Item for sale: BNIB HEL EK Braided Brake Lines Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes, if buyer...
  12. Cesare

    Facelift B18C EK9

    Championship White Facelift B18C EK9 98 Spec Mileage: 137K mix of both K/M and Miles Condition: Good Location: Brandon/Suffolk Price: SOLD Mot: June/2015 Description I'm selling my championship white facelift ek9. It was imported in 2008 and I personally have owned the car for around 2 years...
  13. Cesare

    Accord Type R Twin Pot Callipers

    Item for Sale: Accord type r twin pot callipers with pads. Price: £150 Location: Thetford/ Norfolk Condition: used Description: Accord type r twin pot callipers with pads, A good affordable brake upgrade. Pictures:
  14. Cesare

    Trusted performance base garages in east anglia

    Where do those in east anglia take there cars for specialist help? Having a complete nightmare with some spoon brakes at the moment to the point where I'm willing to pay to get the job done. Any recommendation? There seems to be next no company's in east anglia.
  15. Cesare

    Spoon caliper bleeding problems

    Has anyone else had trouble bleeding the brakes after installing spoon calipers? I've literally bled them a hundred times and the pedal still feels like crap and sinks to the floor once the car is running. Any hints or tips? Or do these calipers always feel like ****? Lol, Or should I just...
  16. Cesare

    EK9 Wheels

    Item for sale: EK9 Wheels complete with centre caps. Price: £120 Paypal: Collection preferred. Location: Thetford/Norfolk Condition: Used, Could do with a referb. Description: Used ek9 wheels. I originally bought these with the intention of referbing them but I never got around to it. Pictures:
  17. Cesare


    Leave feedback here please people :nice:
  18. Cesare

    K series valve/cam/ rocker cover

    Item for Sale: K series valve/cam/rocker cover Price: sold Location: Suffolk Condition: could do with a refurb, works just fine though. Description: K series cam cover Pictures:
  19. Cesare

    B series valve/rocker/cam cover

    Item for Sale: B series valve/cam/rocker cover Price: sold. Location: Suffolk Condition: could do with a refurb IMO, works just fine though. Description: B series cam cover Pictures:
  20. Cesare

    Spoon radiator hoses

    Anyone got any B series spoon rad hoses?