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  1. StevieG

    Exhaust nightmare Cre8 Autoworxs

    Okay so it's a pretty long story, but basically trailered my kswap integra 3hours too have a custom exhaust made for it. The exhaust dose not fit the car, I now need it sorted but the garage won't do anything about it. It was booked in 2 weeks prior too the date the work was set to be...
  2. StevieG

    Brand new ep3 aluminium radiator

    Item for sale: Honda Civic ep3 aluminium radiator Price: £80 (can post) Location: Swansea South Wales Condition: 9/10 Description: brand new ep3 aluminium radiator, with rad cap, still in packaging, bought for my kswap dc2 but dosent quite fit right with the k20 in the engine bay so having...
  3. StevieG

    RBC inlet manifold.

    As title, rbc and throttle body adapter needed. Thanks
  4. StevieG

    WTB 98 spec JDM dc2 rear bumper

    As title really, anyone have one or know of one for sale? Let me know! Thanks
  5. StevieG

    Thread title change

    I'd like to change my build thread title, I have tried through the edit page but couldn't seem too do it. Can I do this or something a mod can do? Thanks
  6. StevieG

    Dc5 k20a cams in k20a2

    I'm doing a kswap into my dc2 and using a k20a2 engine. Was wondering if anyone had used the k20a cams in the k20a2 engine. Would it be worth it? And would I see any gains? Any info would be helpful Thanks
  7. StevieG

    Dc5 shifter cables or kswap cables

    In need of a set of dc5 cables or kswap cables. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  8. StevieG

    Gauges, what ones you got?

    Looking to get some gauges for my teg soon. Want some decent ones that read correctly so looking for some recommendations. I'll be looking for oil pressure, temp and water temp. Let me know about what you think of your gauges, or an experience with them good or bad
  9. StevieG

    What tracks have you been on and which is your favourite.

    So thought I'd put a post up too see what tracks people have had a day at or a few sessions and see what ones people like the most! Tracks i have done: Pembrey x 3 Llandow x 2 Castle combe x 2 sessions Donnington half day and 1 session Rockingham x 1 session Mallory park x 2 and 1 endurance...
  10. StevieG

    Integra dc2 breaking? Front wings and boot lid

    Looking for JDM front wings for a dc2 And the boot lid aswel. Don't need the glass or spoiler Thanks
  11. StevieG

    Lots of Kswap parts wanted!

    I'm collecting parts for my Kswap so thought I'd see what people have for sale first. Let me know if you have any. Wiring Conversion Harness Hasport Mount Kit Fuel Line Kit K-Tuned No cut shifter Clutch Line Kit Throttle Cable and Bracket radiator hose kit Heater Hose Kit IACV...
  12. StevieG

    Integra dc2 rear Xbrace

    Item for Sale: integra dc2 Xbrace Price: £150 + postage Paypal: Yes, if fees at covered Location: Swansea Condition: 9/10 Description: Integra dc2 Xbrace with upper and lower strut bars. All bolts and fittings included! Dose still fit with rear bench in. Pictures:
  13. StevieG


    Here's my reputation thread!
  14. StevieG

    B18c with S80 full conversion. ACT Fidanza Mfactory Blox Top Fuel

    Item for sale: full JDM b18c conversion Reputation: Price: £2200 Paypal: yes, if fees are covered Location: Swansea, South Wales Condition: 8/10 Description: This is my full conversion from my 96spec integra. The price...
  15. StevieG

    Final drive and lsd help. K20 swap

    I'm planning to put a k20 in my integra in a few weeks and I'm trying to decide on gearbox options. I have bought an ep3 for all the engine, box etc for the swap but would like an LSD box. I know I could buy a dc5 box for the better 3/4/5 and the Oem LSD, but In also looking at putting a final...
  16. StevieG

    Japfest 2 afternoon session, anyone off here?

    Was out with an ek9, Jordan, fn2, three accord type r's and two dc2's. Anyone off here? Was driving the champwhite dc2 on enkei rpf1 and aerocatches in the bonnet
  17. StevieG

    Selecting first problem, any ideas?

    Recently in my dc2 when stopping at lights, roundabouts or junctions.. Wherever really, I can't select first. I can select any other gear fine just takes a few attempts to be able to get into first. Any ideas what this could be?
  18. StevieG

    Track day tyres wanted

    Looking for some track day tyres. 205-45-16 or 215-45-16 Would like either ao48's, r888 or federal Rsr. Anybody got some they want rid of, with good tread Thanks
  19. StevieG

    Wanting to go k20 in my integra dc2.

    Okay, so a mate of mine is selling his ep3 cheap and I have been wanting to go k20 for a while, just been waiting for an opportunity like this to come up. I have been doing my research into and just wanted abit of help from People who have done the swap so I know everything right. From the...
  20. StevieG

    Integra bonnet

    Looking for a fiberglass jdm integra dc2 bonnet. Let me know