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  1. kon0089

    Xbox 360

    Item for sale: Xbox 360 Reputation: Price: 200Euro Paypal:Yes Location: Ireland/Limerick Condition: good Description: Selling my xbox 360 ( 250gb hd newest edition (not slim )) with GTA 5 and few other games,headset and 2...
  2. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    Item for sale: Buddyclub Pro Spec Reputation: Price: offers£ Paypal: Yes Location: Ireland , Limerick Condition:8/10 (needs a clean) Description: Originally bought it off Ash-typer with the intention of putting it on my 9 but before...
  3. kon0089

    CAT and Window motor

    as above im looking for a CAT and a drivers side window motor for my ek9 Thanks :nice:
  4. kon0089

    I want to put a tow-hitch on my 9

    i want to put a tow-hitch on my 9 as i have a trailer for the bike and i need to go to track-days and stuff, is it possible without drilling holes ?:confused:
  5. kon0089


    Russians y u no drive normally ? :yuno: Driving in Russia || TNL - YouTube
  6. kon0089

    Window Motor

    looking for drivers window motor in good working order For my ek9 :nice: Thanks
  7. kon0089

    Spoon N1 replica

    Item for sale: Spoon n1 replica back box Reputation: Price: 160 + Postage Paypal?:Yes Location: Ireland Condition: 9/10 Description: Bought it of Neil about two weeks ago was on the car for that time , it was hitting my ARB...
  8. kon0089

    Midnight Shoot

    just a few photos of my first shoot :P all credit goes to my friend Anthony :thanks: :drool: Lol @Corsa :))
  9. kon0089

    Its Back

    Finally after a year in the garage its back on the road , I fell in love with it again :clap::clap: Cant believe i nearly sold it for 3400 :nono::angry::angry: This is just a teaser to whats to come :nice:
  10. kon0089

    Ek9 Center cap stickers

    Item for sale:Center cap stickers Reputation: Paypal?: Yes (buyer covers any fees ) Location: Ireland Condition: New Description: brand new center cap stickers for ek9 alloys , they are bit smaller then the originals but...
  11. kon0089

    Holy F****** Sh** :wow::wow::wow:
  12. kon0089

    Jeep Fail the moose test !

    See for your self Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test -- the full story - YouTube
  13. kon0089

    Cheap Ek9

    I would really love to keep it but i don't have choice :angry: Price : 3,350 Euro so here is my first 9 i ever bought and now i have to sell it because its going to be to expensive for me to use it daily as im a student , im looking to buy an audi as a daily :angry: So here is the car...
  14. kon0089

    Some people aint born with a brain !

    LOL The real meaning of MPH - YouTube :angry2::angry2:
  15. kon0089

    Show us your bike !

    As said above, ill start with my new ktm ! :dance::dance: :
  16. kon0089

    Holy sh*t

    :nono::nerv: Nissan Navara 24.02.12 - YouTube
  17. kon0089

    Co2 BB Gun

    I thought id stick it up on here first before i put it up on ebay Item for sale:BB Gun Reputation: Price: 80 euro + postage Paypal?:Yes Location: Ireland Condition: V.Good Description: Bought this bout a year ago ...
  18. kon0089

    check this lambo close "call" out

    damn that was close, almost a great save 20120107 lol
  19. kon0089

    Describe Your "Love" Life With A Movie Title!

    Thought it might be funny :clap: ill start with Alone in the dark :lol: Edit : Love = S e x :D
  20. kon0089

    LOL Check this out !

    L@@K Honda Civic make me an offer L@@K for sale in Kerry : €3,000 - :lol::lol: