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    Clutch Release Bearing EK9/ DC2

    Hi guys, After a clutch release bearing for a EK9 or DC2. (same part) Must be NEW and genuine honda. anyone got one knocking around? Regards, Imy :)
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    Front Brake Discs, Genuine Honda or ADL Blueprint?

    Hi all, Looking for a pair of new front brake discs for an EK9. Ideally Genuine Honda or ADL Blueprint. Thought id try on here before ordering as someone may have a spare set knocking around. Thanks Imy
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    A048 cutslick tyres

    Hi, Im after a set of A048 cutslick tyres, i usually buy these new however im open to a slighty used set or just scrubbed in. Ideally med compound. Looking for either 195/50/R15 or 19/55/R15 Thanks Imy
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    *URGENT* drivers side rear caliper

    Hi peps, After drivers side rear caliper. I've got Brand New ones on order but wont be here for a while and require the use of my teg. Just need the right rear caliper although ive free'ed mine up im not 100% happy with it. (may consider both sides depending on price and condition)...
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    Snap off steering wheel boss

    Hi all, Bit of a long shot……… Im after a removable steering boss (snap off type) I believe most of them are one size. It must be a bolt on type, not weld on type. they usually bolt on to the momo boss. Not interested in D2, NRG, im after a PROPER touring car snap off boss…...
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    Toda V1 manifold

    Hi there, Im after a Toda V1 manifold although i would consider a V2. I know its a long shot but thought id try my chances. Thanks Imy :)
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    Mugen CAI for DC2

    Mugen CAI for DC2 Must be in good condition and must have all fixtures and fittings. Would perfer the Gen 2 model but will also consider the Gen 1. Above it must be well priced hence why im looking for a used one. Paypal ready. Imy:)
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    EK9 or DC2 Sump

    Hi all, EK9 or DC2 Sump i believe they are the same? Must be dent and rust free. Cheap as poss. paypal ready. Imy :)
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    aftermarket ECU

    now then im after a aftermarket ecu, must be in FULL working order no mickymouse business. will consider the following: Hondata ECTune its going on to a UK ITR. Must be cheap hence im looking for a 2nd hand unit. Imy
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    Team Dynamics Pro Race 1

    Hi, After a set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1's may consider 1.2 but would perfer ones as they have a much better brake clearence. must fit uk dc2 5 stud. ideally in black/grey also will consider more than one set if poss. thanks imy :)
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    hardrace bush kit

    hi, im struggling getting one from abroad , im after only some of the bushes but will buy the full kit if someone has one lying around. If its individual bushess you have im after the following: Front lower arm bushes Rear Sway bar links Front compliance bushes (the big round...
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    ***oem EK9 Exhausts Manifold***

    hi, after a stock ek9 manifold ideally with heat sheilds etc... please pm or post here with what you have along with your location. Many thanks Imy
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    oem JDM 98 spec Exhaust Manifold

    Hi, After a oem JDM 98 spec Exhaust Manifold. Must be dent free and pref have the heatshelds (however will buy a manifold without). Im based near Manchester happy to travel to collect or pay towards postage. Need this ASAP as car will be getting worked on in the next week or so...
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    Brand new “genuine” Honda o.e.m fuel filter

    Hi there, I’ve got a brand new “genuine” Honda o.e.m fuel filter for a EK4, however I believe this also fits an EK9. (anyone confirm this?) These are £30 from the dealer i’m looking for £20.:) In-case your wondering why ive got so little posts here its because im on the...
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    Quantum Supension

    Hi there, Did a search and i can see Quantum suspension is talked about a few times however i've pm'ed the individual user but unable to get a pm back maybe they've moved on? Was curious what peoples view on this supension was, in particular there damping adjustable damper with low speed...