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    Hondata s300 or link injectors

    Hi wondering if anyone has any reviews on the link g4+ standalone? I was planning on using a Hondata s300 but mapper has recommended I use a link g4 standalone. Also I currently have 550cc RC injectors looking at running around 400bhp what injectors should I upgrade to brand size? Ideally...
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    Ek9 speedo

    speedo as title wanted ek9 speedo meter cash waiting
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    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    Tried searching but couldn't really find much info Power goal 370bhp if it's achievable with the above turbo's Which turbo will be best from the above 2 I want something quick spooling. Car is a DD. At the moment it's 310bhp on a t28. Also would it be ideal to fit a complete b18c type R...
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    Civic ej6 b18 swap

    This might have been covered but am getting mixed reviews just wanted to no will either ek b series engine loom obd2a or obd2b work on the b18c4 going into a civic ej6 1998 model Thanks in advance
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    ek b series loom & rear mount

    Wanted EK B series engine loom & rear mount bracket cash waiting
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    Fujitsubo rm01a

    What do people think of running the above system on a boosted b18 making 320 bhp. System is suppose to be 2.5" but am told it's not a true 2.5" searching online it's more 2.3". I won't be running no more then 320 bhp. All input appreciated Thanks
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    Ek9 or eg civic hatch exhaust system 2.5"

    As title cash waiting. Please nothing to loud
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    Skunk2 3" mega power system

    As title has anyone got one fitted how loud is it? Also would it be ideal for a boosted setup?
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    No Cel

    Hi wondering if any can help Details Honda civic EG Car was fully stripped to bear shell resprayed shaved bay, tucked brakes, semi tucked loom and a b18c4 engine was fitted car starts with no problems. The issue Basically with the ignition switched on the cel is not illuminating I have...
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    Help needed Please issue now sorted

    Hi everyone having the some issues am hoping some one can give me some help on this Car Honda civic EG B18c4. Removed engine shaved bay tucked brake lines & semi tucked loom then refitted engine. Whilst the engine was out I had a alarm fitted buy a approved toad installer. 1. Fuel pump...
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    Defi gauges

    Defi gauges complete with wiring sensors & controller Boost Oil temp Oil pressure water temp
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    Spoon calipers twin blocks

    As title need to be mint condition cash waiting.
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    Inline fuel filter kit, calipers, alloys

    As title cash waiting. Also looking for some spoon calipers or something similar 16 alloys 4 x 114
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    Boost issue

    Hi am having issues with the boost dropping off I had the exhaust system changed from a 2.25 to a skunk2 3" its hitting full boost .5bar but then drops off to .4bar car has been parked for almost a week prior to this it was fine and holding boost at .5bar in all gears. Any ideas what could be...
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    Back box suited for turbo application

    Needed asap please if anyone can help Back box suited for 3" b pipe Would prefer one with a rolled tip but may consider others pm me with details thanks
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    3" b pipe

    As title wanted 3" b pipe needed may also consider a complete system
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    Maxxis maz1

    Anyone tried the maxxis maz1 tyres what are they like? Need some new tyres for the rear running spec 2s on the front
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    Seeker sun strip

    Anyone no where I can get this from or if someone can make it Thanks
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    Honda S80 gearbox after market lsd kaaz

    Hi just wanted to ask is there a way to see what lsd is fitted in the box other then pulling it Apart I was told its a kaaz lsd. I driven the car before removing the box myself and LSD was very strong in corners Here's a few pics. I no on the oem LSDs you can see straight through the shaft...
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    282 discs

    282mm front discs 4x100 fitment wanted cash waiting Thanks