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  1. JasonYo

    Mazda 787B

    Sorry this should go in the video section. =/
  2. JasonYo

    Mazda 787B

    This car sounds insane! :bow: YouTube - ‪Mazda787B Onboard lap with Johnny Herbert‬‏ YouTube - ‪Rev: The demonstration of the Mazda 787B with Johnny Herbert get started‬‏
  3. JasonYo

    Mazda 787B

  4. JasonYo

    Endless Horizon Motorsport Honda Meet 2011

    Some nice cars!
  5. JasonYo

    Checked your pockets lately???

    Very clean! It is always a good idea to put some rustproofing stuff or whatever in there. I just did that while my car was stored this winter. I'm happy to say it's just about as clean as yours. :)
  6. JasonYo

    Epic cleaning session and a few warehouse pics...

    Looks nice! Wouldn't using Auto Glym srp take off some of the wax from before? I used a few layers of srp then collonite 476s, works great.
  7. JasonYo

    My 1998 DAP EK :)

    Looks good! Those rims are super light too.
  8. JasonYo

    New Phillips x-treme +80% bulbs review, AMAZING!!

    Yeah, the reason why bulbs fail prematurely is probably because they were touched on the glass part. It says on most packages to handle them carefully.
  9. JasonYo

    Which OIL recommended for the B16b

    If I have been using Mobil 1 synthetic 5w30 in my b16a for a while now, would it be ok to switch to a full synthetic? like amsoil? I get mixed opinions on this. I was thinking of getting amsoil 5w30 or 0w30. Not to sure if I would really need or benefit from a 40 weight oil. It's not always...
  10. JasonYo

    Young punks-0 / senior citizens-1

    hahaa nice :p No reason for the boy to be surprised, he was messing with the man for no apparent reason. I think I would have done the same. :)
  11. JasonYo

    EF9 Track/Daily build!

    Nice! And from Quebec too! ;)
  12. JasonYo

    Intake fitment question.

    Ok so I want to get the comptech intake and icebox. But I can't seem to find the right intake arm for my 99 civic EM1 (b16a) only ones for an integra gsr or ls. So would the integra intakes fit fine in a civc Si? Are all the integra intakes the same? They pretty much look the same for the...
  13. JasonYo

    k20 ek9 on track

    Sick video, sounds crazy!
  14. JasonYo

    Tire size quiestion...

    My wheels are the stock em1 wheels, I have 205-55-15 now and it's fine, but they are a bit big, and I'm not sure if it's necessary to have 205's with a stock b16. I'm pretty sure that 195 would handle just as well as 205, but i would think that more tire on the ground could end up being a...
  15. JasonYo

    Tire size quiestion...

    Hey! So I'm planning on getting some new tires for the spring, I have narrowed it down to a few, and was wondering if I should go for a 195-55-15 tire or 205-50-15? I know the 195 is the factory size for my em1, and also the factory size for a ctr, so I figure it must the best choice for a...
  16. JasonYo

    New Phillips x-treme +80% bulbs review, AMAZING!!

    Has anyone compared these to PIAA Extreme white plus bulbs? PIAA Corporation USA - H4 Xtreme White Plus I bought those ones a while ago, and paired with my fog lights I can see the entire road for a good distance at night. There by far the best bulbs I have used. My headlights are also...
  17. JasonYo

    few pics from snetterton

    I don't think I saw any cars in those pics. :p
  18. JasonYo

    Header Question

    Nope, It's just on the stock ecu (p30) I should tune if I got a header? It's a daily driven car, I'm mainly just looking for a little extra power, thats all.