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    Rolling shell wanted - eg6 ek4 or dc2

    Hi I'm after a rolling shell so I can drop my engine(b20) into it whilst I get my shell sorted as the bodywork needs doing. Would prefer one with good bodywork if possible. Thanks
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    Civic eg4/6 92-95 driver side door and wing needed

    Hi As above need the driver side door and driver side wing. Maybe able to collect . Thanks.
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    ITR Steering Rack

    Hi I need an Integra type R steering rack, willing to take complete subframe if available but rack will do. I can collect Thanks.
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    ek9 cams wanted

    HI Need a pair of ek9 cams for my b20 build, :)
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    Rear Anti roll bar

    needed Prefer ITR or EG6 thanks
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    2.5" exhaust centre section

    needed for honda civic eg b16a2 thanks
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    rubber for radiator bracket/stay

    Any one have the rubber part for the radiator bracket?
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    Lausanne Green Honda Civic

    I thought I'd share pics of my car as been on here for a while but no pics When I had the 5zigen 304 border exhaust installed for a while on below pic
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    Jasma (Manifold for B16A

    Hi I have a Manifold that came on my car from Japan, the Jasma stamp reads 93E007 B16A not sure of the make but I believe it could be a rare HKS Manifold. Anyone possibly know or seen this manifold before? :thanks:
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    Jasma (Manifold for B16A

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    front lip needed for ek4

    what do you have thanks
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    air con pipe needed for FN2 CTR

    Hi as above, pipe needed. message me and I will advise which one I need if you think you have thanks
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    EK Steering wheel boss

    Hi I need a steering wheel boss kit for ek4 so I can install an aftermarket wheel. Thanks
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    power window motors

    Hi My windows dont work on my Honda Civic EG6 - I need the motors for both sides thanks
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    4pin alternator needed for b16a2

    hi i need an alternator for my civic. thanks
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    engine fuse box cover

    HI all I need a engine fuse box cover for a 1992 honda civic - EG thanks
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    s9b gearbox

    hi I need an s9b lsd gearbox thanks
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    S80 gearbox needed

    Hi im after and an s80 with 4.7 fd, also if you have one with 4.4fd please let me know, must be in top condition( whine and crunch free)
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    seatbelt question

    Hi I have a eg4 civic and would like to know if the rear seatbelts from ek4 or an mb6 would fit my car. Thanks
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    Back engine mount for b16a2

    Hi Guys I'm after some engine mounts for my b16a2 but at the moment I need just the back of the engine one. thanks