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  1. corral

    Scam thread on here

    I never made this thread I've not been on here for ages,seems someones hacked my account on here... :((
  2. corral

    Ep3 lambda Sensors

    Alright lads, Bought a cat for my ep3 with the Lambda sensors still in but rather than unplugging the sensors the guy i bought it off has pulled the wires out of the plugs that attach to the engine loom so I need to put the pins back in the connecting plugs, does anyone have any images of...
  3. corral

    Ep3 Bonnet,Front discs,k20 engine cover...

    Looking for a bonnet for an EP3 in black must be mint. Also needing Ep3 front brake discs if anyone has good ones lying around and not too far away... K20 I Vtec engine cover must be good or very good. Must be willing to post or within travelling distance of Perth Scotland.
  4. corral

    DC5 for sale

    Integra type R dc5 fresh import 2001 106800 km no accident history in japan Standard car except for blue recaros instead of the red ones. There is one tiny ding on the front of the bonnet,the rest of the car is straight and all original paint and panels. Very clean underneath as...
  5. corral

    Mint oem wheels Cheap!

    Item for sale: OEM EK9 RIMS WITH 2 TOYO 888'S Price: £150 + £25 postage to uk. Location: Blairgowrie,Perthshire,Scotland Condition: Mint rims as recently refurbed,tyres are on the markers but would do for a trackday. Description: Pictures: Please ask if needed
  6. corral

    Ek9 door cards

    Item for sale: ek9 interior door cards Price: £50+£8 postage Location: Perthshire Condition: used,scratch on passenger side above handle about 2" long otherwise very good. Description: Pictures: to come.
  7. corral

    Oem wheels

    I'm looking for a decent set of oem wheels with decent tyres,cash waiting.
  8. corral

    p30 headgasket

    would a p30 headgasket have been fitted as standard to the b16b?
  9. corral

    Modified ek9 gearbox,spoon lsd,4.785 fd etc

    Price: gauging interest Location: Perthshire scotland Condition: used (less than 3000 miles) Description: built less than a year ago,i would imagine other internals such as worn synchros etc were also replaced,i am unsure as this was fitted to my ek9 upon importation,it comes with following...
  10. corral

    Gearbox surprise

    I've only just imported this 97 prefacelift and have been cleaning it and tidying it up a bit. Today i was cleaning the engine bay and noticed there was this orange sticker on the gearbox. Upon closer inspection the sticker was from a jap company called orange ball and it also listed the...
  11. corral

    few bits for sale

    Item for sale: spoon ecu Price: £360 DELIVERED Location: perthshire scotland Condition: used Description: prefacelift spoon ecu Pictures to come Item for sale: oem ek9 airbox Price: £20 Location: perthshire Condition: used few scuffs and light scratches due to storage...
  12. corral

    Jdm flare + holder,mugen rad cap,vti decat

    Item for sale: Flare + holder (flare is still live) Price: £25 Location: perthshire Scotland Condition: good Description: jdm bling flare Pictures: attached Item for sale: vti adjustable decat SOLD Price: sold Location: perthshire scotland Condition: as new Description: bought for...
  13. corral


    Feedback for me here please.
  14. corral

    Torque mounts

    looking for a set of torque mounts in good condition if anyone has a set lying around or if somebody knows where to buy them from i'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  15. corral

    Rear engine mount needs replaced.

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the easiest way to do this before i do it, as it looks to be a pain to change. Thanks.
  16. corral

    Maxim works 4-2-1 manifold

    i have for sale a used Maxim works 4-2-1 manifold, for those that have not heard of Maxim works they may have heard of their sister company yoshimura who are well known for their motorbike exhausts,Maxim works do not advertise outwith japan as they do not need to as they are well known in...
  17. corral

    Oem exhaust manifold and suspension

    As above,looking for a standard ek9 exhaust manifold with heat shield and also standard suspension. sensible prices please and either in Scotland or willing to post. Thanks.
  18. corral

    ek9 and teg dizzys.

    I need a new distributor and was wondering if the ek9 and teg dizzy's are the same :confused:
  19. corral

    Ek9 steering wheel airbag for sale.

    I have a spare ek9 steering wheel airbag for sale,looking for £75 posted. Thanks.
  20. corral

    Drivers side recaro

    As above must be good to very good condition,preferably in Scotland or willing to wrap up for collection (i can arrange a courier for collection) let me know what you have. Thanks.