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    After Advise on my trailing arms

    After advise if that's ok just wondering if eg rear trailing will fit on my ej Thanks
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    After advice for a rear disc conversion on my ej9

    Hi I've broke my rear trailing arm on my ej9 and have been offerd a set of trailing arms of an eg with a disc conversion I've bin told buy 2 other people that you just need 2 change the hand break cable but don't know witch cable I need I was just wondering if anyone's tried this conversion I am...
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    Rear disc conversion on a ej9

    Hi I'm after some advice has anyone tryed putting eg rear trailer arms onto a ej9 civic I've heard u can but need a different hand break cable has any 1 tryed this? Is it a direct fit? plug and play kinda job. Thanks
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    Alloy wheel nuts

    Hi every 1 I'm new 2 the forum I've recently changed sum coilovers and whilst I was tightning alloy wheel nut it snapped any ideas on how I could get the wheel but of and has any 1 had this happen thanks