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  1. kon0089

    Xanthe S2000

    Love it , and the colour , Awesome dude !
  2. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

  3. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    last bump after this first reasonable offer takes it
  4. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

  5. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    Bump taking offers on the buddyclub
  6. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    Price drop for the buddyclub Need it gone
  7. kon0089

    Xbox 360

    Item for sale: Xbox 360 Reputation: Price: 200Euro Paypal:Yes Location: Ireland/Limerick Condition: good Description: Selling my xbox 360 ( 250gb hd newest edition (not slim )) with GTA 5 and few other games,headset and 2...
  8. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    Price Bump , need this gone :)
  9. kon0089

    Buddyclub Pro Spec

    Item for sale: Buddyclub Pro Spec Reputation: Price: offers£ Paypal: Yes Location: Ireland , Limerick Condition:8/10 (needs a clean) Description: Originally bought it off Ash-typer with the intention of putting it on my 9 but before...
  10. kon0089


    Bought a cat and a window motor from Kieran , great guy to deal with , fast delivery , packaged very well (will upload pics later ) cheap too , would love to deal with him in the future top notch :nice: :nice:
  11. kon0089

    CAT and Window motor

    as above im looking for a CAT and a drivers side window motor for my ek9 Thanks :nice:
  12. kon0089


    repost but yeah ...sore
  13. kon0089

    Spoon Sports N1

    3. For sale template, if this is not followed it will deleted, you will find a note next to your original post as to what is wrong with the thread. ALL members must follow this due to recent abuse and deception. Item for sale: Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price...
  14. kon0089

    Buddy club pro spec

    how much posted to ireland please ? Edit: does it clear the back lip ? will be fitting to my 9 Scratch that realized its 2.36" :(
  15. kon0089

    Gav's old ek9?

    ah man what a waist
  16. kon0089

    towing a track civic with golf tdi

    Im just gonna leave this here car trailer fail - YouTube
  17. kon0089

    reidy racing turbo kit

    OMG that is some serious peace of kit ! :nice:
  18. kon0089

    got turbo.......

    ehm stick that on a b series and wait for lag haha :D :nice:
  19. kon0089

    what did this used to be?

    A Fiat Cinquecento
  20. kon0089

    GRP/Carbon fibre parts suggestions

    do tell more , says nothing on their website ?