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  1. StevieG

    wanted ekk2 swop mounts and 99-00 swop harness

    Only advice if give to someone doing a kswap now is to buy a kswap harness brand new or if it has to be second hand to atleast go and see it to make sure it is 100% before buying. Bought mine second hand described as good, wires cut all over it. Spirit9 have some ek kswap stuff in stock I...
  2. StevieG

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    Couldnt get it to idle properly but it turned out to be a problem with the throttle body which is now sorted. Alternator died and put the car in limp mode so a new one was fitted. Then one of the injectors broke and was letting fuel straight past so new 1000cc where fitted along with new spark...
  3. StevieG

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    Haven't update for a long time again, but this is finally coming to an end. Picking my dc2 up from TDI north tomorrow after they sorted it out and finally got to finish the map on it. Now at a safe 400bhp I can't wait to have it back :drive:
  4. StevieG

    ds2500 or cl pads?

    Wasn't to fussed on ds2500 myself after all the hype they get on the Internet. CL6 are in another league in my opinion.
  5. StevieG

    Brand new ep3 aluminium radiator

    This was two years ago, I used it in the end, since then it broke twice and been replaced o_O
  6. StevieG

    Track and Road Suspension Setup

    I'm using federal rsr 595 tyres, and guessing the set up would work well with most semi slick tyres like you say. I have been wanting to change the alignment slightly to be that little bit more aggressive towards the settings you have mentioned you use. Whenever I finally finish the car it...
  7. StevieG

    Track and Road Suspension Setup

    On a dc2 but I run: Front camber: -3 degrees Front toe: 1 degree out Rear camber: -2 degrees Rear toe: 1 degree out On meisterR zeta R 10kg front 26 clicks dampening 8kg rear 22 clicks dampening Usually set the tyre pressures to 30 front and rear 28-30 when HOT All personal preference...
  8. StevieG

    Your biggest frustrations?

    My girlfriends car being faster than mine :alone:
  9. StevieG

    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    :shocked: going off Nicole's being 390 and fast enough this thing must be crazy!! Glad everything went smooth in the end, must be chuffed with it! :nice:
  10. StevieG

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    :yuno: Talk about piling on the pressure :angry:
  11. StevieG

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    Thank you!
  12. StevieG

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    Thanks! i got the Ultra race manifold but haven't ported it anymore than it comes from Skunk2. Yeah still going with the rotrex, it's away having custom intercooler and boost pipes made now and that'll finish off everything on the engine side of it :))
  13. StevieG

    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    So far behind with this again but it looks like this now, Currently with @Beetlejuice at Arc Autosport having some bits made, booked in for mapping beginning of March, bit touch and go if I'm going to make the date yet :run:
  14. StevieG

    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    Looks awesome! Loving the cooler in the bay :cool:
  15. StevieG

    Your 2016

    2016: Finish rebuilding the dc2, again. Don't strip it apart this year for another rebuild or ever again if I can help it. Go on the two holidays i got booked with @nicole_ Just be on track all the time. Tidy up the ek9 at some point over the summer ready for next winter's track days. Maybe...
  16. StevieG

    MidDevelopments Brembo Brake Setup

    Also interested, looking to buy a brake kit now ideally for my dc2 to finish it off but if the price is right I could try hold out.
  17. StevieG

    car wont start

    :megusta: The car definitely sounds like it wants to fire. Did check it was getting spark on all 4 and it is, but I guess the spark could of been stronger really. We'll try that coil to see if the spark is better and get it to fire :x:
  18. StevieG

    Lexan/poly window kits

    I can't quite remember who, but some one had dc2 front windows from templer and said the fitment wasn't great. The guy who made my rollcage also told me to stay clear of them having experience with them in the past.
  19. StevieG

    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    It's a long trip for me in the teg, so worth it!
  20. StevieG

    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    It's looking that way :rolleyes: I'm in :woot: