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  1. JaysiR

    Help me rust problem

    Whats the best way of treating surface rust ?
  2. JaysiR

    Anybody on here no of any eg6's for sale 4k waiting for the rite 1 !!

    Email me at
  3. JaysiR

    Can any1 answer a question for me plz ?

    Iv just bought a set of s2k clocks for my eg n they come with a grey box and there made by white ford Davies Motorsport. Any1 know wat the box does ? Id be great full if any1 knows cheers :beer::thanks:
  4. JaysiR

    Can anyone help me please ?

    Can anyone help me iv just bought this we esi with a water leak, it's dripping down the side of the dash n the water is lying in the corner of the floor. O and it's the drivers side. Any help would be appreciated cheers !! :angry2: :nice:
  5. JaysiR

    Thinking of selling up

    Just testing the water here lol maybe sell my eg !!
  6. JaysiR

    My eg6 sir2

    This is my new toy lol !! Im new on here so tell me wat u all think guys n gals