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  1. Eoghain

    DC2 track car.

    Hi everyone, This is the car I hinted to in my spoon Integra road car build! The car has a long history of motorsport back from new. It was built as a semi works car to be ran by a satellite customer team in the 98 and 99 BTCC production championship. I've been finding it hard to get photos and...
  2. Eoghain

    B series Sequential gearbox

    Finally quaife have stepped up and built a 5 speed sequential gearbox thats a direct bolt in kit for a b series! this box has been tested in a few different cars with different drivers. Heres a link: Some incar:
  3. Eoghain

    Stoptech brake discs

    Hi lads, Anyone used stoptech brake discs? Any reviews or horror stories? Cheers!
  4. Eoghain

    99 dc2 type r rebuild/restoration

    Hi lads here's the story of my dc2, I had be on the look out for a project car after restoring a 98 Integra for a friend of mine last year and came across this 99 car which was looking a bit sorry for itself and had been sitting for 4 years! Although the paint is in poor condition the car was...
  5. Eoghain

    B16b wanted

    Hi lads, i'm looking for a B16b engine, anyone selling up? thanks! Eoghan
  6. Eoghain

    Front caster/camber adjusters.

    Hi lads, I was sick of seeing the adjustable balljoint type adjusters moving while several civic rally cars I looked were mid stage, so I designed my own! Basically it's a very simple idea the modifys the stardard wishbone. Below are pics of the wishbones: Basically works by...
  7. Eoghain

    Wiring Diagram?

    anyone able to help me out, i'm trying to find a wiring diagram of 97 Ek4 SiR obd2a.... can't find any on the net or can i get a manual for that car, little help!? :nice:
  8. Eoghain

    New to the site!

    well lads! i've been a bit of a lurker for a while but i said its about time i said hello and stuck up a few picture's of my EK4. she's a 97 SiR hopefully yee like it!