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  1. Pheonix9

    Project pheonix

    right guys haven't realy got a plan on what to do so will just say what I'm after from my car I want to have the ability to take it to the track and drive home again and use it as my Dailey driver I want to keep the b16b to keep the car true :) would want to be looking at 220 bhp n/a will be...
  2. Pheonix9

    Ppw spoon replica ?

    Has anyone had any experience with this exhaust system ? Would of liked a spoon system but not at spoon prices so was wondering if anyone would recommend this ?
  3. Pheonix9

    Y56 rear bumper ek9 or Jordan

    Hello everyone I'm on the look out for a y56 rear bumper for my ek9 doesn't have to be a genuine ek9 bumper would be happy with a Jordan one :) hope some one has one on here not having much luck finding one at the moment
  4. Pheonix9

    Not so new member ;)

    Hello everyone my names ste I'm 25 from northamptonshire a lot of you will remember me as ek9ste but it's been a while and forgot my password and can't access the email account that it's linked to. I own a pheonix yellow ek9 rx I have owned for 2 years not long after getting it my daughter...