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  1. Qasimov

    91 Crx Si Mud Flaps(Front-Rear)

    Hi , Looking to buy 91 Crx Si Mud Flaps URGENTLY....Both or front ones will be ok. please let me know if u guys have them.... @ CHEEERS
  2. Qasimov

    S2000 TB on Skunk2 Ultra manifold

    Hi guys, Im planning to upgrade my b18cr stock manifold to skunk2 ultra street manifold, some say use skunk2 tb but Im planning to install S2000 oem throttle body. Will this be direct-fit to the manifold or I need to buy additional parts or do some modification to install? PLEEEEAAASE SUPPORT A...
  3. Qasimov

    ITR 4.4 final Gear Set

    Hi, Looking to buy 4.4 Final Gear set of 96-97 ITR tranny. Mail me at: Thanks Qasim
  4. Qasimov

    B16b pistons on GSR Block

    Hi guys, Im kinda new in this field...I have 99 em1 gsr swap. Nothin much in it but sk2 ultra manifold, sk2 70mm tb, 4-2-1 headers and Apexi cat...yesterday my car wasn't starting even it cranks but wont start. My buddy who is a kinda pro in this checked it out and it turned out that pistons are...
  5. Qasimov

    Ek9 OEM Wind Deflectors

    Hi, Im looking for oem ek9 wind deflectors. Mail me at Thanks
  6. Qasimov

    Spoon Sports high tension plug wires b16/b18

    Hi... Im looking for Spoon sports high tension spark plug wires as in the attached pic. If you guys have any just send a mail to along side with some pics and the price. Thanks
  7. Qasimov

    Evap Purge Solinoid on jdm P72 ecu???

    Hi Guys, Im kinda new in this thing.....I have 98 Civic Sedan 96 B18c gsr swap with usdm p72 ecu. The only thing that is bothering me is THE DAMN Evap Purge Solinoid CEL error. Ive been told that the Jdm P72 ecu does not throw the Evap Purge flow error. Is there any sence in that???? Your guys...
  8. Qasimov

    B18c itr Injectors + Fuel pump

    Hi Guys, Im looking for b18c itr injectors and fuel pump. If anyone somehow have them and willing to sell in a good price kindly mail me at: Thanks