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  1. jdmnana

    Ek4 lhd full interior swap to European EJ9?

    Well the tittle says it all I guess haha. I have an opportunity to grab a full ek4 sir hb interior (all seats, door panels) but they're from ek4 right hand drive model. I'm wondering whether it's going to fit to a left hand drive ej9. Does the driver seat differ from passenger seat? or could I...
  2. jdmnana

    Honda Civic Ej9 color code?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty much a newbie in this forum. I just got my first ever car that I dreamed of, sadly it's not an ek9 hatch, but oh well.. :( Anyways, could someone help me out with the color code/name of this civic? I can't find it anywhere