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    temperature problem EK chassis (visible on combination meter)

    Hello, I'm not sure if there was already such a problem decribed on the forum - if yes please share a link if not maybe somebody could help. There are few people with a same problem and one of them put a video on YT to describe better a problem. It looks like a electrical problem...
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    EK4 steering rack

    Hello, I know it's mainly rhd forum ;) but maybe somebody have lhd version of steering rack for EK4 in good shape for sale ? or know where to buy it ? thanks in advance
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    stock ek9 suspension

    As in title I need stock shocks + springs in good condition. pm me with some pictures and price thx
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    Ek9 oem muffler

    As in title in good condition. Thx
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    EK4 VTi wheels

    I would like to buy a set of oem EK4 VTi wheels. in good condition - pm with pictures and price. thx
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    4,785 FD from s80

    Hello as in title. Waiting for the offers. thx
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    EK9 seat rail

    As in title I need only passenger side because I will install them on driver side in LHD car. waiting for the offers :)
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    oem EK9 exhaust

    Would like to buy complete stock EK9 cat back system in good condition :please: please pm me with some pictures and prices. thx
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    ek9 rear arb

    As in title... with 2 holders for sure + if you have D bushes and drop links in good condition I can still takie it... pm me with some photos and price... thx
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    B16B or B18C6 cams

    as in title... first of all looking for B16B... pm me with pictures and prices
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    standard oem dc2 airbox + oem pipe

    As in title. in good condition without damage airbox + oem pipe.
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    bought ek9 suspension - item as described thx
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    Tegiwa Imports

    I bought few things sometime ago like wheels, sump buffles, very good seller - no problems at all
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    ek9 oem steering wheel with airbag

    as in title in good condition pm me with price and some pictures thx
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    Hello from Poland

    Hello guys.... I'm sending best greeting for JDM EK9 Honda Civic Typer R Forum from Poland :) Actually I've got EJ9 but I see many cars which I can follow examples... Here's how it looks last summer...