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  1. harVTEC

    Facelift EK9 headlights - only manual adjustment?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick one, did the EK9 only come with manual adjustment headlights? I've bought a set that are manual, and there's a set of manual adjustment ones on eBay. Are they all like this or was there a motorised option available too? Cheers. Harv
  2. harVTEC

    EK9 Tinted Rear Glass - Inside or Out?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help, I've recently bought an EK9 tailgate for my Jordan, which of course has tinted glass. There are some scratches in the screen which I want to remove, I have access to all of the right equipment to do this. But can't figure out which side of the glass...
  3. harVTEC

    Barbados - Modified Blue EK. Pic inside

    Seen driving about a few times now, I know there's a fair few of the Barbados / Jamaica guys on here so worth a try. Looked lovely, plenty of other tidy Hondas out here too, seem to be more and more every time I visit.
  4. harVTEC

    Fitting EK9 / DC2 5 Stud Hub & Wheel Bearing Assemblies to EK4 4 Stud Knuckles / RTAs

    Hi everyone, After quite an extensive search, theoretically the above should be possible. However, I thought I'd check to see if anyone ever decided to try it, and what was the outcome. Long story short, a mate of mine is looking to convert his EK4 to a 5x114.3 set up, to allow him some better...
  5. harVTEC

    OEM EK9 Proportioning Valve. 40/40?

    Hello everyone, First off I do apologize if this has been covered a hundred times before, I've been searching on here for the past hour but have not come up with anything 100% conclusive. I've just picked up an EK9 / UK DC2 five stud hub conversion, with brakes. Obviously I have also got...
  6. harVTEC

    CW Facelift EK9. Whitstable / Swalecliffe, Kent. 24-08-13

    As above, Shared a thumbs up :lol: Looked really tidy, white, facelift, standard white wheels, plate ended in UTF. Spotted at about 17:20 this evening. Harv
  7. harVTEC

    OEM Brakes On Track

    Hi all, I will be putting a full 5 stud swap from an EK9 on to my Jordan and just wondered what those who track their '9s make of the standard 282 & 262 set up under hard use? From what I've read plenty of you are impressed with them with only an uprated set of pads. Something like some...
  8. harVTEC

    What to pay. EK9 5 lug hub swap / conversion

    Hello everyone, I have tried to search but haven't really found much :( Basically I am after a full hub swap from a '9 to fit onto my Jordan, condition isn't the end of the world as I'll be rebuilding the brakes, replacing pads, new discs and fitting all new bushes before I install it all...
  9. harVTEC

    harVTEC's new project - Jordan

    Hi, new on here so you'll have to bear with me, it's all also copied from other forums but should make sense. So, I turned 18, meaning I could insure something a bit better :) Originally I was looking at a standard VTi but my insurance company wouldn't touch me, but would on a Jordan :D...