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    Honda Civic EG Bel Air 1994

    Yeah il be keepin my eyes on it, cant go wrong with an eg on slips. great start !
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    Honda Civic EG Bel Air 1994

    Looks in great condition well done mate great find
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    My EK9.... take 2

    This is a fantastic build and a great read you have documented it so well! Keep up the good work, some great choice of parts on such a Stunning car
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    B18C EK9 Build

    Car is looking great, love what you have done! im thinking of getting a personal wheel for mine, i have an omp dish one and evertime i go to indicate i miss the stalks as its too far away haha
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    Any og's still on here?

    Although its an EK9 forum i think people on here really just love looking at and reading about all kinds on B series and K series builds etc. I dont want to comment for everyone but i love looking at a dc2 and dc5 as much as an ef or an eg. There certainly still is a massive fan base out there...
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    Any og's still on here?

    Iv popped back a couple of times over the years and found its really slowed down, when you look at the section and the post dates it really shows how things have moved over to facebook. I tried the facebook pages but nothing is in categories so finding what i need is an absolute nightmare, i...
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    Rear plastics for EK hatch

    Hey, I have an Ek4 which has been stripped with 2 seats in the front, i was looking for plastics and a bench for the rears to try and make the car a little more useable. In south ayrshire scotland Reply or PM . cheers
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    New member from ireland

    2 lovely cars but that EG looks spot on to me !!
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    hello* i dont need help lol
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    haha , hellp, well if you want one that has been looked after im sure you are in the right place !! :D
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    Djipud's ek9 wanna be *Engine in :) 05.02.14. Pic heavy*

    looks great, well done
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    Super clean ek4 or Eg SiR etc with a good spec

    yeah there is still the odd one going around tho that are in great condition
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    Super clean ek4 or Eg SiR etc with a good spec

    trolling the net and finding rubbish , nothing promising. interested in anything thats clean with a good spec
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    you will need to get loads pics up, and fix the little ding on the arch, that used to drive me mental !!! haha
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    Awww kool man, good luck with that. Im back looking for a honda again i think, so might be back inhere more often.
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    Haha yeaah man , that was a while back !! what happened to the civic you had? Im jelous you got the SiR, i only noticed the thread once it had sold. whats your plans?
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    i used to own this car, had it booked for a respray then all went a bit upside down( nothing to do with the car ) i would buy it back in a second !! lovely look forward to see what you do to it, just interior has changed since i last seen it, it had a recaro spg and a takatta .
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    Few snaps

    I see this / you in traffic on union street the other day .. Was telling my mate about it and 10 mins later here it is poped up on the homepage here !! Haha looks quality mate, spot on
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    JDM Connect - Michael Gray

    he lives up the road from me... im not sure if he still deals in stuff? i could be wrong