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    Rear plastics for EK hatch

    Hey, I have an Ek4 which has been stripped with 2 seats in the front, i was looking for plastics and a bench for the rears to try and make the car a little more useable. In south ayrshire scotland Reply or PM . cheers
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    Super clean ek4 or Eg SiR etc with a good spec

    trolling the net and finding rubbish , nothing promising. interested in anything thats clean with a good spec
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    Alex Brackets for 9 spoiler

    Hi guys, Has any one got a set of these they would be willing to part with or any idea who stocks them ? Cheeeerss :D
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    Low seat rail for standard CTR Recaro

    HAs anyone got any low or super low seat rails avaliable? im 6ft 2 and im far too high up in the car, i used to have dc2 rails on my old seats but id prefer to be lower if possible. Any body help ? thanks guys
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    aftermarket ceneter section for an ek9

    Hey guys, looking to buy a center section for my 9, i have a 4-2-1 fujibitsu mannifold, and a spoon n1 back box but its still pretty quiet. Put a decat on and its made barley any difference. If any one can help thanks. im just trying to get rid of the massive silencers in the middle section...
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    Immobilised key ? ment too or not

    Hey guys just wondering, iv had a few hondas in the past and all have had immobilised keys apart from an eg, which i gathered that because it was pre 96 that was probobly why... anyway.. what have you guys got with ek9's because mine dosnt seem to be an immobilised key, but when i put the key in...
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    Just baught myself a Civic CRX sir

    Hey guys just baught myself a honda civic crx Sir. The previouse owner is a great guy and new i had always liked his car so approached me and asked if id like to buy it before any one else. At the time i had no cash and said id love to but really couldnt.. anyway he had another buyer but he...
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    Been offered a swap for my civic jordan for a ep3 type r what do you guys think? Help

    Heey guys, really stuck here.. trying to sell my lovley honda civic jordan and really ament getting anywhere near what i paid despite only covering 6 thousand miles in it as i dont do alot of high miles. I have been offered a swap with a lad who wishes to swap his ep3 type r for my car? dose...
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    Civic jordan

    looking for a jordan, got cash waiting. looking for as near to mint as possible with as loow miles as possible , anybody got one or know some one that wishes to sell :)
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    Red Recaro and Rails

    Looking for a red Recaro in good condition prefereably with rails at the right price, cheers sam
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    My car, what yous think?

    Really bored here today so took some pics let me know what you guys think looks best? cheers just wonder what you guys think of my car? :D:thanks: