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  1. Martin-shankland

    Just bought an 03 dc5! SK03ESU

    After selling my ek9 in June, I purchased a jrsc ep3, swapped it for a 350z then sold it and bought a diesel mondeo... But now I have just bought an integra dc5 from ebay from power play uk. Was just wondering if anybody has dealt with them before and if anybody used to own this teg! The reg is...
  2. Martin-shankland

    99 facelift ek9 CW sw scotland

    Here's my genuine civic type r ek9 imported in 2010 Mot - 22/12/14 Tax - 6 months 104k miles with all import documents and proof of km-miles change Serviced every 6k miles with history (new brake fluid and iridium spark plugs last year) Electric windows, ice cold air con, electric folding...
  3. Martin-shankland

    What's your age/insurance price on your 9 to compare areas!

    Hi guys! Last year I was on my mums name for insurance with me and my dad as named drivers and it was £1100, I had just turned 20 the week before! Iv just renewed it in my own name I'm now 21, my dad as a named driver and my girlfriend who's 23 (I'm brave) I've got 1 years no claims and been...
  4. Martin-shankland

    WTB - double din CD player w/ full size screen / rear ek9 seats

    I'm not a fan of the double din stereo in my ek9. Seen a few with like sat nav screen built in! Seen loads of dc5's with them too! Also looking to buy the top part of the ek9 rear seats, mine have a strange mark I can't get rid off! Cheers guys
  5. Martin-shankland

    Martin-shankland rep!

    Rep thread!
  6. Martin-shankland

    CW ek9 rear bumper and lip

    Well yet again I need a new back bumper! Was my fault this time so not buying brand new again! I need both the bumper and the lip preferably in championship white and in as good condition as possible! Thanks guys!
  7. Martin-shankland

    Cooper's dc2 on my driveway!

    Came home from work to find a mint dc2 half way down my farm road (rare for a farm in Scotland) just wanted to say how amazing it sounded when you left!
  8. Martin-shankland

    Plm x-brace help needed!

    Just about to fit my plm xbrace I just bought through Scott at h tune, got to say it looks the tits but it's sitting in my room just now and I can't figure out if you have to disassemble it abit to fit it and tighten bits up, also been got a bag of nuts and bolts, are they just spares...
  9. Martin-shankland

    White ek9 replica gtg college glasgow

    Saw a white ek9 replica at the college I go to on south street in Glasgow, think it was an n reg! Just curious if it's anyone on here to see what coarse they were doing at gtg!
  10. Martin-shankland

    Christmas ideas for the girlfriend!

    Right last year I bought my girlfriend a 96' Mazda 121 for her first car (cost less than a ring and perfume) but to her it was a big thing, what are you guys getting for the better halfs? Need some ideas of something a bit more fun than perfume! Cheers guys!
  11. Martin-shankland

    Got the chance of a private reg

    As above I've got the opportunity to buy the reg 'e9 CTR' for my ek9, what do you guys think about it?
  12. Martin-shankland

    Wrapping ek9

    I'm very interested in getting my ek9 wrapped a bright matte colour! Thinking maybe a vibrant blue or orange! Does anybody know a good company who wraps cars? Don't want rab from across the road that learnt off youtube! Or any pics of wrapped 9's Cheers guys!
  13. Martin-shankland

    Dumfries to Peterhead and back to pick JRSC EP3

    Went up to Peterhead yesterday to pick up my friends new supercharged EP3. we left at about 4 yesterday afternoon so didnt get back in Dumfries till about 2! Took my EK9 for the journey and it got 40 mpg! under £80 for the full 500 mile round trip which i was pretty impressed with! so anyway...
  14. Martin-shankland

    Man with ten stone testicles!

    What's your views on this guy on channel for with the ten stone balls! He really needs a good wank!
  15. Martin-shankland

    Where can I order a brand new rear bumper for an ek9?

    The other day I got rear ended by an older gent who couldn't see me in front of him and has buggered my bumper, he's wanting to pay it all cash, so we took it to a garage and they've been trying to get a quote on a new bumper but can't find one. Anybody know where I can get a brand new one? Cheers
  16. Martin-shankland

    Why do people make replicas of vti's and ek9's?

    I've seen afew threads on here now of people making replicas of vti's and ek9's and was just wondering why? Surely it costs just as much to make a car look like another as it would be to buy?
  17. Martin-shankland

    Ek9 exhaust system. Best place to buy on finance

    Just wondering if anybody has ever bought an ek9 exhaust on finance and where the best place to look would be? Thanks Martin:thanks:
  18. Martin-shankland

    New user and new ek9 owner

    Hey, just getting to grips with the forum, bought my first ek9 a couple of weeks ago. Just saying hey and thanks for this great site!
  19. Martin-shankland

    CD player surround on facelift ek9

    I've recently bought a facelift ek9 with a jvc double din head unit it it, when I got the car, the CD player wasn't in properly and was shaking about so I stripped it down and secured it. But now the center console (carbon bit) won't secure in place and the CD player facia surround is nowhere...