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  1. usy

    Guy gets pulled in his civic

    May be a re-post but must watch.
  2. usy

    need some help with my b18c4 swap

    Need help with my b18c4 swap. I have everything up and running. Any of you guy from glasgow or scotland could come down to the garage i did the swap in and have a look at it. Anyone whos know there stuff to check it out and see whats up with it. its not ideling properly and when i drive it and...
  3. usy

    !!!!Urgent help needed!!!!

    Help need to know is the mb6 b18c4 rear L gearbox mount the same as one from a ek4 ek9 or em1. Doing a b18c4 and s9b swap into my ej6 facelift coupe. I am using the L mount from the mb6 that was on the b18c4. It does not seem to line up with the gearbox and rear mount on the top of the subframe...
  4. usy

    ek9 ek4 em1 facelift obd2b engine working loom

    Looking to buy obd2b engine wireing loom for my b18c4 swap into my facelift ej6 coupe. So any engine loom off a facelift ek9 b16b or ek4 b16a2 and em1 b16a2. Let me know if you are selling one or you know anyone sell one or seen one up for sale and give me a price. Thanks for any help :nice:
  5. usy

    brake conversion help

    doing a brake conversion on my ej6 coupe changing full front and rear hubs to mb6 vti hubs. wanted to know will my d16 drive shafts fit the mb6 hubs isit 32mm drive shafts and will the splines on the shafts fit in. :thanks: for any help
  6. usy

    honda civic mb6 b18c4 swap into facelift honda civic coupe ej6

    as above looking for some help doing my swap :dance:. I have a bought a 2000 civic mb6 b18c4 as a donor car to swap the engine and gearbox into my facelift 1999 civic coupe ej6 d16y7. 1. need some help what engine mounts do I need to change I think its one at the back a T bracket mount and...
  7. usy

    Heaters blowing cold

    my heaters are not blowing hot air from them. when the car heats up its still cold when i turn them on. wanted to know has anyone had this same problem and what do you think the solution is.
  8. usy

    just found this crazy video on piston heads

    :nerv: some mad drivers Massive crash with 8 Ferraris, 3 Benzes, and a Lamborghini - YouTube
  9. usy

    Beautiful Hondas

    learned of love and abc - YouTube
  10. usy

    the beautiful true words of jeremy clarkson lol

    Forza Motorsport 4 - Jeremy Clarkson - Endangered Species Trailer - YouTube
  11. usy

    need some help looking for work or an apprenticeship

    I really need help luking for a new job and was wondering if anyone on the forum could help me. I was made redundant last month :( had worked in the garage trade for 2 and a half years and have got quite alot of experience within the car trade and have got my level 1 motor vehicle...
  12. usy

    for the scottish honda boys

    Scottish Is - YouTube
  13. usy

    for the scottish honda boys

  14. usy

    5zigen border 304 sus speed exhuast system

    i am very intrested in buying a 5zigen border 304 sus speed exhuast system for my 99 civic coupe but they make it for the dc2 integra i want to know will it fit my civic or be to short :thanks: for ny help
  15. usy

    helloooooo to every1

    noobie from glasgow scotland just joind u lot dont own a ek9 :( but got myself a nice 99 civic coupe look forward to ur help advice and hopefly getn to know the boys from glasgow on the jap seen :nice::drive: