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  1. Goosse

    High temperature axle grease

    Is there a brand you guys can recommend? I keep killing my axles because they overheat (just normal axle grease in there for the moment).
  2. Goosse

    '99-'00 Civic Sedan US style trunk

    I'm looking for a '99-'00 trunk for a civic sedan (the one with the smaller license plate ) including the inner lightblocks
  3. Goosse

    Samurai green EK4

    new forum, so new start. Here's my '97 Honda Civic VTi from Belgium. I bought the car in '08 to replace my EJ9 When I got the car home, first thing I did was preparing it for a new paintjob. The car in '08... painted in RAL 7023 I drove around like this for 2 years, when in 2010 I grew...
  4. Goosse

    Civic EK4 on Zolder

    only a short movie of my EK4 on circuit Zolder today. I think I did 7 or 8 laps in total untill I got trown of because the car was to loud. I blew an exhaust gasket in lap 4 or 5 or something. The limit on Zolder is 95db, I passed at 97.2db. This was my first trackday since the car was put back...
  5. Goosse

    OEM '96-'98 CTR front lip

    Looking for an EK9 CTR pré-facelift front lip. Must be OEM, not a copy. Seller must be willing to ship to Belgium.
  6. Goosse

    Prelude master brake cilinder the same as ITR?

    is the master brake cilinder of a Prelude the same as from an ITR or CTR? I figure since they are all running more or less the same brake setup, that these will be the same. thanks
  7. Goosse

    alternator and powersteering pulley interchangeble between engines?

    I need a pulley for the power steering and alternator on my new engine, and I was wondering if the pulley from a B series (or even a D) fit on a H series? Anyone knows? thanks
  8. Goosse

    Last trackday of the year for me Zolder 7/12/2013

    I find the pictures Dennis Noten took to good not to share, so here they are. could get enough heat in my tyres to function like they should, but still very fun day. and a last one at the end of the day
  9. Goosse

    red EP3 without rear bumper a Zolder

    I noticed a red EP3 with UK plates at Zolder circuit yesterday. Someone from this site? The EP3 seemed a lot faster then other EP3's I have raced in the past.
  10. Goosse

    trackday at 0°C?

    I have a trackday Saterday. The weather seems to be damp with temperatures between 0-5°C (I guess basicly the same weather as in the UK - I'm in Belgium). At normal temperatures +/- 15°C I drive on Toyo R888 in both wet and dry conditions at track. But now with these cold temperatures, I'm...
  11. Goosse

    for sale sites in the UK

    I'm located in Belgium, but I'm currently looking for a car in the UK or Ireland because the prices are lower over there. Since I'm looking for a track/weekend car, I also don't car to much about being it a RHD. What are the best sites for looking for cars. All I know so far is
  12. Goosse

    my EK4 on Zolder - movie

    this was made during my last trackday at Zolder. Movie was made by Lieven Geuns. The guy who also made the pictures for my Banzaï feature in 2010 Hans Goossens' EK4 by Lieven Geuns on Vimeo hope you guys like it
  13. Goosse

    racing sticker decal

    Anyone know where to find these door stickers (the white square with the red under it).
  14. Goosse

    MG ZR/ZS calipers and carriers.

    Basicly need the calipers and carriers to change my current 262mm VTi brakes for a 282mm setup. Seller must be able to ship to Belgium.
  15. Goosse

    what discs - '97 EK4

    When changing my wheels today, I noticed the grooves in my Brembo Max rotors were almost completely gone. I'm running these together with Ferodo DS3000 pads. I always tought the brakes pads produced very much dust, but now it seems they were just eating away my discs. So what is a good...
  16. Goosse

    EK4 ferio/sedan rear bench

    I'm looking for an EK4 sedan rear bench to replace my ugly grey EJ9 one. The seller would also have to ship it to 2440 Geel, Belgium...
  17. Goosse

    what color is this

    I don't know if this is the correct section to post this in, but what color is on this S2K. I've been thinking of Laguna Seca Blue, but it looks a little of and more metallic.
  18. Goosse

    car won't start after changing the exhaust

    I know this is difficult without actually seeing the car, but here goes. I ran into some problems with my EK4 (B16A2) today. I'm detuning the car for the anual technical control here in Belgium, so I changed the exhaust from a JDM spec ITR header, JDM ITR cat and Fujisubo Legalis R cat-back...
  19. Goosse

    Oil 5w40

    I own a '97 VTi with a B16A2 with +/- 200000km. I use the car for track days and in weekend. During trackdays I notice the oil gets hot fast, so I was planning on installing an oil cooler. But since I was going to do this work, I also need to put new oil in the engine. The car has always had...
  20. Goosse

    spring rates

    After a couple of track days, I feel my suspension is a little soft. I'm running KW variant 1 on my car, and I'm looking to change the springs in this setup for springs with a higher spring rate. Only problem is, that most manufacturers don't list here spring rates. Does anyone know were to find...