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  1. chi-tec

    EK9 Throttle Cable

    In good condition preferably! :nice:
  2. chi-tec

    Honda Euro Meet 3, Circuit de Clastres 2012

    4 Days, 700 Miles, 7 Cars. Our trip to Circuit de Clatres, France for the Honda Euro Meet 3 2012. This is just a few of the Hundreds of pictures i have of us and our experience!... Enjoy!
  3. chi-tec

    Chi's K20 Build Completed.. Pic Heavy!

    Hey, Finished building my K'd DC2 about 4 weeks back.. Thought you may be interested so heres how everything went... Started the swap in december 2011, this is how its comming along... BEFORE!! Perfect running stock B18 at 130,000km.. will be missed!... Start of the project...
  4. chi-tec

    Tegiwa what the hell?!?!?!

    I placed an order with them on friday morning. This order consisted of an Exedy stage 2 clutch, this was the best clutch they do and the minimum standard i am looking for. Also ordered Some Fuchs Titan Pro S Engine oil and other bits and bobs which all equated to an order over 500pounds. I...