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  1. elchunk

    steering column light wiring

    Been asked by another member on here how the steering column light was wired into the car. thought i may as well make a thread for it. this picture shows the ring light around the key barrel and the side light on the cover. There is a relay and a wiring going to earth mounted to the side...
  2. elchunk

    Door cards query

    Just wondering if anyone knows how difficult it would be to swap the red armrest section from an Ek9 doorcard with a normal ek civic one. Only ask as the black plastic on my doorcard is cracked but the red cloth is perfect.
  3. elchunk

    Drivers door card

    As per title. Looking a drivers side electric window door card. Needs to be in very good condition.
  4. elchunk

    ek4 handbrake cables fit ek9

    as per title, just wondering if anyone knows if ek4 handbrake cables will fit on the ek9? cant see why they wouldnt just want to be sure before i order them.
  5. elchunk

    EK9 drivers doorcard wtd

    Need a clean drivers side doorcard with electric windows.
  6. elchunk

    windscreen molding plastics help

    does anyone know the part numbers for this and where the hell i could get them from. im also looking for the molding for the roof as well as mine are perished...
  7. elchunk

    erratic speedo

    my speedo has been temperamental for a few weeks now, either working fine or dropping to nothing. so i replaced the existing speed converter that was bodged onto the VSS wiring. now my speedo is working again but it is all over the place? any ideas??
  8. elchunk

    LCA thoughts

    I currently have oem LCA's with hardrace bushes. I fancy a change but not sure what good options are out there? what are people using nowadays and where to get them?
  9. elchunk

    Window regulator.

    Well my regulator has finally given up. anyone any experience with these or know of a good alternative
  10. elchunk

    window issues

    Again, car has been sat about a while. Drivers side regulator doesn't have the strength to lift the window up. (have lubed up the runners/rails) also the pas side does nothing at all doesn't even try to move. do they use the same fuse or is there different ones for each side?
  11. elchunk

    Speedo issues

    Well car hasnt been used much lately. However the last two times ive used it, when it gets into vtec the speed goes crazy on the dials. The revs needle moves as normal. No idea what the issue is?
  12. elchunk

    Volk Rays re-colour opinions???

    Basically ive had these wheels 5-6 years now and TBH im sick of white alloys and want something different. Cant make my mind up another colour though. Any thoughts or suggestions. FYI they will be going on a Black ek9...
  13. elchunk

    Lowered seat rail difference

    Looking through my old pictures and found these of when i installed the drivers side lowered seat rail. though some newer members would like to see the differences in position it gives over oem ek9 rails. I have a K's Circuit rail but most should offer the same kind of drop. HTH.
  14. elchunk

    6TWO1 Honda Diaries

    Some cool and funny videos. worth a watch, still laugh at some of the early videos working on the eg! The Japan trip was really cool to see. also a little bit of our forum parked up at japfest which is always good!
  15. elchunk

    Innovative engine mounts

    Thought id make a thread to show the state of these after only a few thousand miles of use. seriously 5k max! Partly my own fault i suppose if the rating wasn't high enough but its not like the car is pushing massive power or torque! lol
  16. elchunk

    clutch master cylinder

    anyone have any experience with this? noticed today when undoing my steering column that the master cylinder is leaking through the seal. doubt...
  17. elchunk

    remove subframe

    Is it possible to remove the front subframe with the engine still in the car? I know the rear mount will have to be removed but what else is there stuck to it? And would the other two mounts hold the engine safely while the subframes out?
  18. elchunk

    Turbo build enlightenment!

    Can anyone recommend some good reading material for completing a turbo build. for example the thousand bloody different types of turbos, i get the numbers are the size of the housings but what does it all mean and what do you chose? Also on the likes what injectors to go for, fuel pump, ecu...
  19. elchunk

    CV joint rebuild

    anyone able to confirm the correct part numbers for the outer cv joint kit and the bearing for the half shaft? 91057-SR3-008 is the bearing i think. cant get a part number for a cv joint kit? can find kits on ebay but i want oem stuff.
  20. elchunk

    bolts bolts and more bolts!

    working on my car and getting some more bits refurbed but i want to replace a far few of the bolts at the same time, mainly the little 10mm ones that hold the brake lines and abs sensors. maybe a few of the larger ones at the front also. were could i get part numbers for these? also going to...