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  1. elchunk

    Repair panels/parts

    Only panels I've seen you can buy are the rear quarter sections.
  2. elchunk

    Repair panels/parts

    Probably need to just patch it out. Unless you can get a donor shell and drill out the spot welds and transfer the bits.
  3. elchunk

    steering column light wiring

    few more pictures of the wiring that i can find. I assume that the connector for the white plug should exist in all models as ive seen on old american honda forum threads its meant to be plug and play.
  4. elchunk

    steering column light wiring

    No problem. if you need any more pictures let me know. :nice:
  5. elchunk

    steering column light wiring

    Been asked by another member on here how the steering column light was wired into the car. thought i may as well make a thread for it. this picture shows the ring light around the key barrel and the side light on the cover. There is a relay and a wiring going to earth mounted to the side...
  6. elchunk

    Speed sensor problems

    pretty sure i had read up years ago that the speed sensors are interchangeable between S80 and S4C maybe the S9B as well.
  7. elchunk

    Black RX project

    Finally got an order of bolts through, so can start on the rear brakes refurb.
  8. elchunk

    My new car and it ain't a Honda...

    Nice car, they are great fun to drive. If I wasn't such a lad ass I'd consider one too. Lol.
  9. elchunk

    Door cards query

    Just wondering if anyone knows how difficult it would be to swap the red armrest section from an Ek9 doorcard with a normal ek civic one. Only ask as the black plastic on my doorcard is cracked but the red cloth is perfect.
  10. elchunk

    Drivers door card

    As per title. Looking a drivers side electric window door card. Needs to be in very good condition.
  11. elchunk

    Any og's still on here?

    Once my parts ever show up, I'll be getting to work on my car again. Also plan to upload pictures to my build again after photo bucket went to crap. Still want to get a good old eg or ef to work on, but parts are bloody hard to get nowadays.
  12. elchunk

    Any og's still on here?

    Still on from time to time. Was going to get my car back on the road again this summer but this covid virus has buggered that plan, plus our mot centres are all months behind aswell.
  13. elchunk

    Widebody Hatch

    Awesome car. I've had my Ek9 10 years now. Still love getting to tinker with it when I can.
  14. elchunk

    What size should I go for my TE37's ?

    I've got 16" 7J et43 te37 on my Ek9 running 215/45/16 ad08s
  15. elchunk

    ek4 handbrake cables fit ek9

    Cheers. I've ones ordered. Just wanted a bit of reassurance
  16. elchunk

    Difference between 97-98 and 99-00 CTR badges.

    From what I remember it was only the front badge that was different, slightly bigger on face-lift mofels.
  17. elchunk

    ek4 handbrake cables fit ek9

    as per title, just wondering if anyone knows if ek4 handbrake cables will fit on the ek9? cant see why they wouldnt just want to be sure before i order them.
  18. elchunk

    Black RX project

    well finally got a day off and figured i'd put it to use. got the rear brakes stripped down all ready for fresh brand new calipers, carriers, discs and pads. just need to order up a few bolts now and get it all fitted. then maybe i can finally get the car back on the road. :nerv:
  19. elchunk

    B18C EK9 Build

    Awesome work, good to see there are still some builds going on. :nice: where did you get the door cards from. I need a drivers side one!