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  1. jp-civic

    OEM EK9 prefacelift front lip

    As titled, any colour just minimum damage Anything considered PM me Thanks
  2. jp-civic

    Civic ek bseries power steering setup

    Hi As titled I’m after a full power steering setup from a civic EK bseries, Steering rack PAS pump with engine brackets Fluid bottle with bracket All hoses feed and return Cash waiting Thanks
  3. jp-civic

    WANTED EK9 or civic coupe front bumper prefacelift

    Wanted, genuine Honda EK9 or civic coupe pre facelift front bumper without bump strips Colour doesn’t matter as long as it’s genuine and decent condition
  4. jp-civic

    Ek9 shell

    as titled looking for a clean ek9 shell, will consider both pre and facelift models and colour is not important. Rolling or non rolling let me know what you have got!
  5. jp-civic

    OEM EK9 spoiler/ wing WANTED

    as titled, any colour but must have base plate too! Cash waiting
  6. jp-civic

    Civic EK4 SiR Turbo 500hp

    here are some photos of my genuine ek4 sir turbo. ive had the car around 5 years now and alot has changed from it being near standard when i got it! this car is tuned by myself and my friend and this is the first car we have tuned so far. this car is still used on the road on weekends and is...
  7. jp-civic

    Wanted front and rear ek9 bumpers with lips

    looking for PRE - facelift front and rear ek9 bumpers or any with no bumper strips, would also like a genuine rear lip and possibly front lip depending on price! Thanks
  8. jp-civic

    Clean EK9 shell anything considered

    Looking for an ek9 shell, ideally would like a rust free example, preferably facelift front but anything would be considered, Not fussed on colour etc pm me what you have!
  9. jp-civic

    16" 4x100 jdm wheels SSR type C etc.

    Looking for any cool jdm wheels possible SSR type C? Would be interested in anything really such as volk, work etc? Would like staggered wheels if possible but not essential! Have some freshly refurbed SSR R Pro firrenze here in 15s which could be dealed with? PM me anything you have!
  10. jp-civic

    Ek9 handbrake lever and handbrake cover

    Looking for an ek9 handbrake cover so I can loose the armrest in my ek SiR May also have the handbrake lever too with silver button What you got! Thanks
  11. jp-civic

    Pre facelift ek9 grille

    As titled Cash waiting OEM only
  12. jp-civic

    Wanted pre-face ek9 grille & headlights

    As above I'm looking for a grille and headlights from a civic ek9 96-98 pre facelift Pm me please Thanks
  13. jp-civic

    Ek9/ ek4 SiR mugen twin loop or fujitsubo?

    Looking for a twin loop or a RM01a for my ek4 SiR I'd like the full cat back What you got?
  14. jp-civic

    Bride, Recaro SPG OR pole position ASAP

    As titled need a fixed bucket ASAP I'd like one of the above but may consider others Pm me
  15. jp-civic

    Ek9 front and rear calipers 1" master cylinder

    Wanted for an ek4 upgrade front and rear calipers and 1" master cylinder 282mm fronts 262mm rears
  16. jp-civic

    EK4 brake upgrade wanted EK9 calipers, spoon, wilwood?

    as titled i would like to upgrade my brakes before going to the ring! would consider any upgrade from the brakes i have now, let me know what you have! thanks
  17. jp-civic

    Ek9 brake calipers

    Looking for front and rear to upgrade an ek4 Pm me what you have thanks
  18. jp-civic

    Prefacelift carbon bonnet faded damaged scratched considered

    Looking for a carbon bonnet preface 96-98 any condition considered as in faded / scratched etc. as I will be colour coding Thanks
  19. jp-civic

    Spoon brakes ek4 ek9

    Looking for some spoon calipers for my ek4 SiR if anyone has some avaliable Thanks
  20. jp-civic

    Scrap ek9 front brakes or carriers

    Hi I need some carriers from an ek9 or both front brakes with leaky seals etc. literally only need the 282 carriers Pm me what you have!?