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    2002 ep3 type r

    One of the boys owned this previous to Gav. Nice car with a strong engine. Paintwork looks excellent now as well. GLWTS
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    where to get spoon calipers?

    Willwoods seem like a shite idea to me if I'm honest
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    where to get spoon calipers?

    Willwoods seem like a shite idea to me if I'm honest.
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    Zeal coilovers what are your views of them?

    There seem to be a few different zeals
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    Bc racing VS Miester R suspension

    Always heard good things about meister rs
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    Poor Ride Quality Facelift EK9

    Standard ek9 suspension is usually pretty comfy!
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    Chi's K20 Build Completed.. Pic Heavy!

    K20 and dc2 😍
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    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    Love this!
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    Audi B7 RS4

    Just saw on rs246 that this car now has all parts removed minus the KW V3's. Loved it in the spec it was.
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    Honda Civic Type R Ep3 54

    Jordan and Hamza are mates, it's not a scam lads.
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    Nurburgring July 2013 girvan Boys

    Next year? :drive: :D
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    Milano Red Honda Integra Dc2 UK

    This is a properly tidy motor in the flesh. Rustless with a good engine. Should've sold by now tbh
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    Championship White Facelift EK9

    I'm not trying to spam? Either way clean 9. Apologies, I assumed after 2 months of no activity or bumps that it'd been sold.
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    Championship White Facelift EK9

    How much is the ep3? You got an ad? Apologies for jumping on the thread, but I'm guessing the 9 is sold since the ad is 2 months old.
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    Driving like a twat

    Not really sure I get this one. The OP knows he drives like a tool. Freely admits its stupid. Surely the next step is to try and stop the stupid ****? I'd have thought the obvious step would be to slow down. Driving fast isn't always dangerous, but driving at 100% of your ability all the time...
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    Project Kanjo

    Did I see this driving through Girvan about 6:30-7:00 on saturday night?
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    Undersealing near Glasgow

    I brought that on myself haha. Buying a 307 diesel tomorrow man feel a bit ashamed. I'll have a Honda by the time we go to the ring man don't worry ;)
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    Undersealing near Glasgow

    J do it yourself. You feart?
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    Elephant insurance.

    Only a few companies do this obviously due to cost. I have it with the co-op and have confirmed there's no age restriction.