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  1. Jimbo

    Front end damaged 2004 NHB EP3

    As the title says guys, 2004 NHB CTR, it had a front end shunt and the insures deemed it an uneconomically repair. The engine still runs well so would make an ideal donor car for a Kswap or for someone who wants to break it for parts. The millage currently shows 128K but the engine was replaced...
  2. Jimbo

    B18C or B16B aftermarket exhaust manifold.

    As the title says please guys, no OEM offers and no damaged manifolds. Would prefer 4-1 but would consider 4-2-1 if the right one pops up :)
  3. Jimbo

    My day trip to Mclaren!!

    evening all, last week a couple of us from work made the trip down to Mclaren in Woking, one of the guys i work with, his brother works in the engine building room and had arranged for a visit. the sub divisions we visited turned the standard road going MP4-12's into GT3 spec cars ready...
  4. Jimbo

    DC sports B series 4-1 Manifold

    Item for sale: DC Sport 4-1 manifold Reputation: Jimbo Price: £130 DELIVERED ONO Paypal?: PayPal or bank transfer Location: norfolk Condition: 8/10 Description: for sale is my DC Sport 4-1 manifold, completely forgot i still had this, clearing out the roof in my garage and came across it...
  5. Jimbo

    4 X black Jordan wheels + tyres

    Item for sale: Set of powder coated jordan wheels with tyres Price: £150 Paypal?: yes or cash on collection Location: norfolk/shropshire Condition: 8/10 Description: as the title says, my old wheels been sat around for a while now collecting dust, the wheels are complete with the centre...
  6. Jimbo

    16" 4 x 100 ROTA Grid's

    As the title says, selling on behalf for my best friend. wheels are currently white but can be refinished any colour for an extra £40 (same person that refurbed my Mugen RNR's) all wheels are straight and true in very good condition. still awaiting pics but i'm sure many on here can vouch...
  7. Jimbo

    ** DC2 Airbox + intake pipe + neoprene cold air feed **

    Item for sale: dc2 airbox Price: SOLD Paypal?: yes Location: wolverhampton Condition: good Description: dc2 airbox with custom bracket to fit to an EK chassis, Airbox comes with everything to bolt straight on to your engine/car DC2 Airbox intake pipe Hamp replacement filter neoprene cold air...
  8. Jimbo

    Jimbo's parts sale

    heres a list of parts left over from my breaking thread which is now getting very confusing and cluttered. all pics are available on request :) prices are negotiable to a degree but priced very well anyway ;) I'm located in wolverhampton so local pickup is welcomed and happy to post parts...
  9. Jimbo

    *** breaking Jimbo's Jordan all parts mega cheap must go quick***

    As the title says guys the time has come and it all has to go super fast... so please spread the word :) all parts will be priced cheap to sell as quick as possibly! car will be breaking as of tonight!! check out my build thread and let me know what you want or need...
  10. Jimbo

    What a sh*t start to my day, poor car!

    not imperessed in the slightest :mad: i was on my way to dundee this morning when i get this F*cking D*ick in an old Astra GTE basically kissing my rear bumper for about a mile or so, i decided enough was enough dropped a gear hit VTEC and left him! no sooner than i did that a car in front...
  11. Jimbo

    Inner track/tie rod sizes!!! arghhh!

    i need some serious help please guys! i brought a new inner tie rod for my EK as the one on my car has play in the joint, when i went to install the new tie rod i noticed the inner thread was a different pitch and was larger in diameter! i've double checked with the company i got the tie...
  12. Jimbo

    EK/EG/DC2 C pillar brace

    Item for sale: adjustable c pillar brace Reputation: don't know how to link? Please help me Mods Price: 40 delivered Paypal?: yes Location: fife, st Andrews Condition: mint Description: see below Pictures: see below Freshly powder coated 2 weeks ago, costing near enough the asking price, been...
  13. Jimbo

    Injector seals in around fife!

    As the title says, one of my mates is in desperate need of these and Honda don't have any in at the moment! It's the seals that seat into the manifold that the injectors sit into! Let me know please guys :)
  14. Jimbo

    *** Fixed bucket seat ***

    As the title says please guys :) Anything considered but pref Recaro, bride or replica. Will need rails to fit EG or EK also. Let me know what you have please :))
  15. Jimbo

    Charity abseil off forth road bridge.

    Just completed my abseil from the forth road bridge Edinburgh! 185ft :nerv: to say I was nervous was possible a major understatement! Managed to raise £170 for the (RAFBF) royal air force benevolent fund. If anyone would like to donate a late sponsor of anykind please feel free :nice...
  16. Jimbo

    Charity abseil off forth road bridge.

  17. Jimbo

    Jimbo's Jordan possible sale??

    right guys, might be putting my car up for sale if i can generate enough interest and the right price. really don't want to sell it but, other financial commitments are more important, i've spent a lot of money and time on the car since i've had it so if i cant get the money i feel it's worth...
  18. Jimbo

    B18C,skunk2,blox...... TB needed

    as the title says please guys, any TB including a B18C or larger :) let me know what you have please! :nice:
  19. Jimbo

    Tornado F3 end of an era!

    Last flight of the Tornado F3 took of from leuchars this morning to fly to leaming to be striped down and scrapped! And F*ck me did the pilots fly the **** out of them :)) low level flypast in max Reheat, pulling up to avoid trees ;) I was like a little kid :)
  20. Jimbo

    **cheap rear upper strut brace**

    as the title says please guys, looking to do some modding to it so needs to be just a cheap copy style, let me know what you have please guys :nice: