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  1. Rkelly

    Y56 EK9 For Sale, P/X

    Please remove if this is not aloud (for sale soon). item: Y56 Honda Civic EK9 Type-R Location: Northern Ireland Reputation: Condition 7/10 Price £6900 PX value 7K (final price will be set 23/24 July) Description Looking to gauge interest &...
  2. Rkelly

    Car Culture 2015 "25th/26th July"

    Car Culture Live, Newtonards Airfield 25th/26th July, Anyone from on here thinking of heading down a run to this? Seems to be bigger than other years so hopefully get a few members both sides the border at it. If your thinking of attending post up Here's a link to the website for anyone...
  3. Rkelly

    S4C, Wind-Deflectors

    Item for sale: ClimAir Wind Deflectors Reputation: Price: SOLD PayPal: Yes Location: Derry NI Condition: 7/10 Description: Set of EK/EJ wind deflectors where removed from my civic a few years ago and have been sat in the cupboard...
  4. Rkelly

    2 full outer CV joints

    Item for sale: 2 full outer CV joints Reputation: Price: £65 Delivered PayPal: Yes Location: Derry/NI Condition: 10/10 Description: Pair of brand new outer CV joints with ABS ring, bought for my EK9 but instead have opted to...
  5. Rkelly

    Portrush (Easter Sunday 5th April)

    Anyone from on here taking a run to Portrush for Easter Sunday? Seems to be a big expected turnout this year If so, where from & what in?
  6. Rkelly

    Bose A20/Lightspeed Zulu Pfx

    Most definitely a long shot with this and not sure if it's even ment to be in this section, But would anyone here have a Bose A20 or Lightspeed Zulu PFX aviation headset that they might consider parting with in the next few months? Been pricing online but thought id chance my arm on here...
  7. Rkelly

    Anything on in Scotland (16th-21nd November)

    As title says. I'm traveling from Ireland next Sunday to visit the missus but would be keen to maybe meet a few from here as I have the impression the Scottish scene is miles ahead of NI. Anything or anyone be around
  8. Rkelly

    EK9 S4C Gearbox

    Item for sale: EK9 Gearbox Reputation: Price: £300 + Delivery Paypal:Yes Location: Derry, NI Condition: 8/10 Description: Here for sale is my S4C box from my EK9. Box has around 95xxx miles on it but is in good nick, all...
  9. Rkelly

    My Y56 EK9 Rx

    Well here is the start of my journey with my recently acquired Y56 EK9 RX Been wanting a Type R & specifically an EK9 for many years. I had planned on getting a DC2 first but when this at came up for sale I couldn't resist with the bonus of it being an RX I've some plans to keep me going...
  10. Rkelly

    OEM EK9 Headlights

    For sale template Item for sale: OEM EK9 Headlights Reputation: Price: £155 Paypal:yes or cash on collection Location: Derry, NI Condition: 6/10 Description: Set of genuine EK9 Headlights from a facelift model. Had these...
  11. Rkelly

    Bomex Spoiler

    Item for sale: Bomex Spoiler (Rep) Reputation: Price: £70 Paypal:yes Location: Derry NI Condition: 9/10 Description: Here I have my Y56 replica Bomex spoiler for sale. I recently bought this off another member, but it was...
  12. Rkelly

    Red Honda Badges

    Anyone have any for an EK Must be good condition please Looking for a Facelift one for the front. Cash waiting.
  13. Rkelly

    Flat Black Rota Slips

    Will be looking to P/x OEM EK9 rims for a set of 15"/16" Flat Black Rota Slips 5x114 Must be in good condition & good tyres. May also swap a set of Facelift EK9 Headlights for these Pm or post here What have you. Ryan.
  14. Rkelly

    Facelift EK9 Headlights "Polished&New Pics"

    Item for sale: Facelift EK9 Headlights Reputation: Price: 250 Paypal:yes Location: Derry, NI Condition: 7/10 Description: Here I have my set of genuine facelift headlights from my EK9, the driver side has some scratches that...
  15. Rkelly

    DC2 + EK9 Recaro W/Rails (Price Drop & New Pictures)

    Item for sale: 1 Dc2 + Ek9 Recaro With Rails Reputation: Price: 300 ono Paypal:yes Location: Derry. NI Condition: 7/10 Description: Hi there, here I have two Recaro seats with rails. Both sets of rails are from a DC2 + sit that...
  16. Rkelly

    Bronze Rota Grid Drift 16"

    Item for sale: Bronze Rota Grid Drifts 16" Reputation: Price: £550/€600 Paypal:yes Location: Derry,NI Condition: 8/10 rims / Tyres 5/10 Description: Here I have a set of 16" Rota Grid drifts for sale. The fit is 4x100 and...
  17. Rkelly

    New Red Honda Badges & Lambda Sensor

    Wanting the two items above. No real rush. Badges must be either new or as close to new please and In facelift for the front. Sensor must be in full working order and in general good condition Thanks. Ryan
  18. Rkelly

    Rear Fog Help

    Hi having issues getting a Rear Fog setup for my ek. I've found a DIY from Thusee a few years back but I'm still having difficulties understanding it. Is there anyone that could give a complete step to step guide on this from the tools and pieces needed to actually going about putting it...
  19. Rkelly

    Car Transport NI

    Had a look through the search and couldn't find anything really on this but sorry if it's been covered before. Basically, I'm needing a car lifted from Mayo in the next 2 weeks and wondering has anyone on here used any car transport services in Northern Ireland? If so, who & what where...
  20. Rkelly

    Deposit Placed!

    Yesterday finally got myself a deposit down on a fairly solid motor!! Absolutely over the moon. Won't be giving too much away just yet though. Impatient beyond belief already :nono: