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    96 jdm headlight bulb size

    anyone know he headlight type for a jdm 96 spec car?
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    True straight exhaust

    has anyone got any pics of a true straight exhaust and I don’t mean no box’s I mean straight from manifold to the rear centre exit race style
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    Anyone fitted the mfactory shifter bushes

    has anyone fitted these there seems to be a 3rd bush but I don’t know what it’s for? Any help would be great
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    Sus kits over coilovers

    Need advice have coilovers but find on the Scottish B roads it’s just to bouncy what normal sus list are people useing and pics of ride height
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    B18c oem intake hard pipe

    is there a kit to make a stock itr intake use a hard pipe?
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    B18c oem parts and Dc2 wheels 4 stud

    Hi Iam looking for a oem air box and pipe for a b18c and 98 spec manifold, also a set of 4 stud Dc2 wheels
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    4.9 final drive for a b16

    iam looking for a 4.9 final drive
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    EK front fiberglass wings?

    as above having a hard time finding a set of wide front wings? anyone know where to source a set
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    B16 dizzy 180out

    as title car won't start checked dizzy and it's pointed to pot 4 when it's in TDC? Weird I know any help please
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    Trying to find a video

    hi guys iam new but remember watching I really nice well made vid of a ek4 guy starts in his garage changeing tyres then heads to the track