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    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 new in boxes unused

    Item for sale, team dynamics pro race 1.2 15x7 et 45, fit ek9 dc2 Condition, New Reputation. b16 mini Location, Cornwall uk. Description, brand new in boxes 15x7 direct fit, correct centre bore size (spigot rings not needed) These have never had tyres fitted and have only been out of the boxes...
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    W146 uaf cw ek9 hayle cornwall

    spotted this this evening. Anyone on here?
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    B Series Aftermarket Cam Pulleys

    Done. im sure piper or Kent cams make them also for sensible prices
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    Strong vibration on b18c between 2-3k rpm

    Wouldn't that be speed dependant rather than between a rpm range?
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    Strong vibration on b18c between 2-3k rpm

    How does your clutch feel? What's your oil pressure like? Bad main bearings will give a vibration at that rpm
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    Differences between OEM B-series clutches

    Some earlier and aftermarket flywheels have 2 extra bolt holes, the oem dc2 clutch has the holes in the right place to put extra bolts in even though the dc2 flywheel doesn't have the holes. Maybe the mb6 and ek4 clutches don't have these holes. Probably some differences between springs etc also
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    Oem B16b Oil Cooler Alternatives

    I'm going to be using a mocal laminova cooler, Similar principle as the oem, works on a heat exchanger basis, larger and more efficient though. Gets your oil up to temp quickly just like the oem sandwich plate
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    Dc5 rear brake caliper upgrade??

    There's no real advantage over the stock ek9 rear brakes, the discs and pads are the same size, The Pistons may be slightly different in size, but I doubt it.
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    K Swap Rebuild EK

    I would advise sending the head for a proper clean especially if you've been wire brushing, all that dust floating about the place, get it checked for flatness and stem seals done
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    Engine noise any ideas? Help needed

    My thoughts were that a squirter could be broken off causing it to leak off excessive amounts of oil pressure, possibly meaning (depending on the route the oil galleries take) full oil pressure is not reaching other areas of the engine, long shot I know! I think we could all make guesses all...
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    Engine noise any ideas? Help needed

    The speed and pitch of the knock sounds wrong for a big end, After hearing that second video I would think small end bearing or damaged piston skirt/bore/piston slap. Do you have oil squirters or are they removed?
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    exhaust size question jdm itr 4-1

    Just run the 60 mm pipe, the collector is unlikely to be a true 2.5 anyway, This way there is no step downs in size
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    Engine noise any ideas? Help needed

    lma's can go bad in several ways, they can get worn out and a bit sloppy and make a more consistent noise or they can get slightly damaged or scored by dirt or poor lubrication and cause more intermittent noises like you describe, I would think its always a good idea to use new ones with high...
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    Hello. I might need some help from you guys.

    Yes, your welcome to buy items with less than 250 posts
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    Paint Stripper

    Just to add, I've stripped large cars all over with the one I recommended. Nitromors would barely blister the surface
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    Paint Stripper

    Langlow strip away pro is the best paint stripper that I've used in a long time, it actually works unlike nitromors etc
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    George's EK9.

    Nice ek9, I've edited your post for you using some of the photobucket IMG codes so people can see the pictures easily
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    98+ swap 4th 5th or 4.4 swap fd?

    Close gear set is far better than both options
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    98+ swap 4th 5th or 4.4 swap fd?

    Either way the result will be the same, and it's a similar amount of work to change the gears or final drive (although changing 4th and 5th gears will require accurate shimming) I would just go with the option that's easier to get hold of or cheaper
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    Spoiler / Rear Wing Removal

    Hadn't seen this thread before, just made it a sticky,:nice: