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    Spoon titanium knob

    Anyone have one of these collecting dust? Give me a shout.
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    Hey all, thanks for the interest, I really can't believe I didn't have one bit of interest until I dropped the price this low either, even then I was having massively low offers but it is now sold, cheers guys
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    Ahhhh come on guys...anyone for £250?
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    £300?? Need this gone!!! :(
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    £350 Ono?
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    £400 Ono?
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    Any offers?
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    Apexi Power FC ECU and commander unit

    hey guys.firstly i apologise if this is in the wrong place,if it is then please can it be moved to the appropriate place? For sale i have an Apexi Power FC ECU and hand commander unit. in very good condition, not been used by myself as i bought it off E2 SAW on here last november when i was...
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    Turbo kit. FullRace,precision etc.

    Pm replied
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    Turbo kit. FullRace,precision etc.

    For sale is a turbo kit taken off my brother's ek9. He bought this kit off E2-SAW last year and the kit is in used condition but all works as it should. The kit includes: *Genuine FullRace ramhorn T3 manifold with a 2 bolt 38mm wastegate takeoff. (Heat wrapped in the high quality heat wrap...
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    Spoon gear knob

    Has anyone got a titanium spoon gear knob they don't want? or wish to sell on? I bought one off here once and sold it on with an old car.
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    1998 Championship white EK9

    So tempted by this Adam... sure you don't want to part exchange for a bmw 328???haha. Good luck with the sale.
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    Please stop doing it guys

    Just a thought... if say an ej9 has a shell swap for an ek9 shell, does it then become an ek9? even if it has a 1.4 engine still... In the same way an ek9 could have a k20 swap for better performance the 1.4 engine could be retained for say a young dude who wants insurance. My point is that...
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    v-tec abusers turboed B18 'first page updated'

    Had a ride in this today, it's one of them cars that you just laugh in when the pedal hits the metal. well thats what I do anyway... Need to get it on track now. should suprise a few things.
  16. B ring trip 2011

    Awesome pictures! I WILL make the trip one of these days... The EK9's look absolutely planted in the Caroussel:drive:
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    Facelift ek9 grill

    Yes that is for both parts, mesh and "frame"
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    Facelift ek9 grill

    My brother has a brand new unused genuine ek9 grill for sale. £80 posted. It's painted championship white but could easily be repainted.
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    BMW e36 328 sport

    I'm putting my BMW e36 328 sport up for sale. Although prehaps not as fast as an EK9 I would say this car would make a logical step for anyone wanting to learn to drive a rear wheel drive car. The reason I am selling is because I need more power!!! heres a few pictures to wet your whistle...
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    Loony's South Mimms Pictures - 10 April 2011

    The quality of UK cars seems to be coming along. Nice pictures.