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  1. LoganK

    K-Tuned Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Item for sale: K-Tuned Fuel Pressure Regulator Reputation: LoganK Price: £80 Paypal: Yes Location: Glasgow Condition: Good condition Description: Ktuned fuel pressure regulator and fitting kit. FPR is £145 new. Fittings are £13 FPR worked perfect before removing. £80 collected (can post if...
  2. LoganK

    Lightweight DC2 K20 Build - Dyno Day Update!

    Well, it has been a long time since I done a proper build thread. Thought I would start one for my DC2 I recently bought as I am going to try make it a bit special as it will probably be my last build. So as some of you know I have been here for a while, had a Jordan which I bought basically...
  3. LoganK

    EK9 Rear Caliper (Passanger side)

    Need one in full working order. Thanks :nice:
  4. LoganK

    Picture Request: EP3

    Finding it difficult to get a picture of an EP3 on Eibach Pro Kit springs (20mm front / 15mm rear). All I can find is photos of the 30mm drop. Reason I am asking is my RPF1s may catch the arches if dropping it 30mm and my 3" system is quite close to the ground already at standard height. Any...
  5. LoganK

    EP3 15-20mm Hubcentric spacers

    Looking for a pair of decent quality ones like H&R or FreakyParts. Not wanting Tegiwa ones as seen they rust pretty bad. Just seeing if any are about before I buy new :nice:
  6. LoganK

    17x8 ET45 - EP3

    Picking up some new wheels for the EP3 next weekend. 17x8 ET45 RPF1s Will be putting some 225/45 RE070 tyres on them. (Won't be going on till after winter anyway) Just wanting to know if anyone has any experience with a similar wheel on an EP3. Will these rub or be ok? Will I need arch...
  7. LoganK

    New Daily - Cosmic Grey EP3

    Well decided it was time to buy a daily to give the Jordan a rest and so I can decide what I want to do with it as I am considering breaking it but we will see. So anyway. I wanted a Facelift Cosmic Grey EP3 which proved hard to find. Eventually after viewing 4 not so good examples I spoke...
  8. LoganK

    Facelift EP3

    Sub 120k miles, with good service/full service history. Ideally would like to have had the timing chain done (proof) As close to Scotland as possible (willing to travel). Cash waiting for the right car.
  9. LoganK

    Daily runabout

    Will be looking to buy a daily runabout in the next couple of weeks. Something cheap to run/insure. Budget depends on car but nothing expensive as it is just to get to work and back really :) Had a look at EP 1.7cdti quite like them :nice:
  10. LoganK

    Mitsubishi Evo 7/8

    There is a very good chance I will be looking to buy an Evo about mid next year. Just looking to see if anyone on here has owned one? What to look out for and what model they had? Have a budget of about £12,000. Ideally I would like one as close to standard as possible.
  11. LoganK

    Best wheel sealer/wax

    Got my wheels in being refurbished and powdercoated at the moment. Just wondering what you would all recommend to seal/wax them with? They are white so would like a decent protection on them :)
  12. LoganK

    Hubcentric spacers.. Are they safe?

    Quick question really. Wanting to run spacers on the front. Are hub centric spacers safe? Like for track use? As I will be doing a good few trackdays this summer and last thing I was is a wheel flying off!
  13. LoganK

    4x100 track wheels

    Wanted 4x100 - 15x7 wheels with decent offset and must clear 282's. Preferably without tyres as these will be my track wheels and will be buying semi slicks for them :) unless they have decent track tyres on them! Looking along the lines of team dynamics 1.2s or anything lightish and cool :nice:
  14. LoganK

    Facelift Carbon EK Bonnet with aerocatches

    Item for sale: Facelift Carbon EK Bonnet with Aerocatches Reputation: LoganK Price: £300 collected or arrange courier at own risk/cost Paypal: Yes if buyer covers fees Location: Glasgow/North Lanarkshire Condition: Good Description: Good condition with a little mark in the corner and a stone...
  15. LoganK

    15" 4x100 Desmond Regamaster Brites

    Posting on behalf of a close friend. Please contact @RyanSi with any offers questions. Item for sale: Desmond Regamaster Brites Reputation: @RyanSi Price: £750 ono Paypal: No Location: Glasgow Condition: Good Description: 15" 6.5j 4x100 ET35. Desmond Regamaster Brites. Could do with a polish...
  16. LoganK

    99-00 Carbon EK Vented Bonnet

    Long shot but any for sale? Would be willing to do a deal with my carbon bonnet (non vented) or just buy it :)
  17. LoganK

    4x100 282mm discs

    Looking for a set of front 282 discs 4x100. Decent discs as they will be used on track with ds2500 pads. Anyone any recommendations and places to buy? Was looking at Mtec ones but the vendor on here never got back to me with a price and that was well over a week ago so now looking elsewhere.
  18. LoganK

    B18C Sump

    As above or if anyone knows where to buy one new at a decent price :)
  19. LoganK

    Facelift C-West front bumper

    As above. Must be wiling to post or close to Glasgow :)
  20. LoganK

    My cars feature on: Autolifers

    I was recently contacted about an online feature and obviously I was happy about this! So met with the photographer and here are some of the pictures :) Link to the full feature: