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    As Above id like a nice K20 Hatch. No saloons or wagons. Would consider an ITR as well w K20 Call me or msg on 0750 602 8070 Email, Don't pm me as im never on here
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    B series rocker cover

    VHT wrinkle red B series cam cover. Been refurbished at some point and hasn't been fitted since. Immaculate cond and looks Brand new. Also comes with gaskets for plugs and main gasket. Cond 10/10 Location Edinburgh Price £70 MSG 0750 602 8070 for pics etc. Thanks
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    Wheel fitment problems

    I'll have a look at the heat shield Tom but not sure how I could have bent it
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    Wheel fitment problems

    Need some help ASAP guys, Bought a set of BBS CH wheels for my MK5 golf. Fitted them this evening and when I'm rolling at slow speeds I can hear a squeezing noise coming from around the front wheels. From the rear I can hear a knocking noise. I know one of the rear wheels has a very...
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    B16b or b18cr?

    Don't think any is more reliable than the other... Personally id go B18C. More power & torque as mentioned & that's never a bad thing... Also, what's the next thing most ppl do to a B16B after bolt ons... Stroker kit to 1.8!
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    Honda Integra DC2 TypeRx

    Pretty sure this car had an engine rebuild too
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    Honda Integra DC2 TypeRx

    Is this Parkers old ITR?
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    To sell or not to sell?

    I'd say keep it after all the hard work. I sold my dream spec edition 30 Golf GTI earlier this year and still regret it to this day :( As for running costs can't see a B16 costing much in fuel. I also have 2 cars and the novelty of choosing diff cars is pretty cool.
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    1997 Black EK9

    Looks like a nice example. Makes me miss my old black ek9
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    CW Facelift EK9 SOLD

    Spun a shell twice... Must have been a nightmare
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    CW Facelift EK9 SOLD

    Why was the B18 swapped back for a B16B? Did it spin a shell or something?
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    5th gear has no pull

    I wonder if he ever found the top speed key lol
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    OEM red rocker cover, B series, as new

    Hi, can u send me a email address and ill send some over tonight
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    OEM red rocker cover, B series, as new

    Item: B series cam cover Reputation: black9 Price: £80 PayPal: yes Location: edinburgh Condition: as new Description: for sale is a red type r cam cover. Comes complete with OEM Honda main seal and 4 plug seals so ready to fit. Never fitted or used. Looks brand new. Can PM pics Thanks
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    What car next!

    Lol. Pretty much bang on
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    What car next!

    E39 M5 facelift or MK5 Golf GTI. Both well within 10K and u will never look bk I have both for sale btw:)
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    If you were to spray your car now what color would you choose?

    Depends what car u mean, ek9 I assume? I recently had my Le Mans blue m5 resprayed in steel metallic grey 400 (same as m3 CSL) I'd prob have a blk ek9 or silver stone grey
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    Debating Selling

    Also just to add I drove my friends UK ITR last month, flat out. Good car, arguably better than ek9 and still didn't make me want to buy another ek9/itr
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    Debating Selling

    I'd say sell it. Sold my black pre facelift around 2 years ago and since I have owned the following, 2005 MK5 Golf GTI ( just as quick, more tuning potential and more comfy. Better image too) 2007 edition 30 GTI ( 310 BHP, DSG and all of above) E39 M5 ( not comparable but an amazing car...
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    Driving like a twat

    To be fair I think u need to grow up. It's daft and dangerous driving like crazy for no reason