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    EK pre face vented and widened front wings

    Having a bit of trouble finding these, the only option seems to be for facelift but ideally I'm after some widened and vented front wings for a pre facelift EK. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Evening all, thought I'd make a post as since Facebook became popular everyone seems to do stuff on there and forums seem to be dying which is a damn shame as forums have helped us all out I'm sure. Some of you May or may not remember my old Civic: Made up of mostly eBay parts and stuff...
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    Need a favour.

    Hey all, Need a little favour although i know i'm not a regular lol i made a blog and it's picking up nicely now and we've just started our first competition. The rules are simple – email a picture of your own car along with your name, the cars make and model to...
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    My EJ9 Build up.

    Hey dudes, Thought i best post up the first few pics i'd taken, need some so i can remember what it looked like when i bought it as hopefully over the next few months it'll be changing. :D Went to collect it on Thursday, had it 4 hours before all the lights went out mid corner in the...
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    Hey all, My names Chris. Passed my driving test thismorning! :woot: Deposit is down on a 1.4sport civic will be collecting this weekend, heard alot of good things about this site so i thought i best sign up. Build up will start once the car is collected. :D