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    My VSM EJ9

    Very tidy mate.
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    What cage is that mate? Very nice indeed!
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Boring day really. Front brakes on the daily. Got some more stitch welding done on the front of the civic. Sean welded the subframe and then had a fire. Also, eventually figured out why my welding was so poor. Must have had **** quality batch of gas because half way through the subframe today I...
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    pdapaul's YellowSpeed Time Attack EKK24 on ITBS

    How hard is it to wrap a car? Wouldn't mind doing mine as my paint job will never ever be 100%.
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    EK pre face vented and widened front wings

    Found some. Admin can delete this should you wish. They can be found here for anyone else wondering...
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    EK pre face vented and widened front wings

    Having a bit of trouble finding these, the only option seems to be for facelift but ideally I'm after some widened and vented front wings for a pre facelift EK. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Quiet Friday night in so had a bit of a doodle. Still have absolutely no idea what I want to do with the outside haha Our lass did the last one and I think I love it. It's just as outrageous as I think the car will be when it's finished! I'll be running carbon bonnet and boot hence why...
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Thanks for the kind words lads! More welding to do tomorrow now I have some more gas. Been thinking about wheel and tyre specs over the last few days. Those new R888Rs look awesome. £670 a set though. Not sure wether to just play it safe with R888s. Also getting a bit ahead of myself today...
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Ammo crate arrived from H-tune today, can't fault their service at all! Huge pile of parts waiting to be fitted once this bloody welding is done. Actually put together a list of what I have the other day so I can keep adding to it and see what I have... - Hardrace rear camber arms -...
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    pdapaul's YellowSpeed Time Attack EKK24 on ITBS

    Great work making those wheels fit. After initially reading this I thought I'd be better off sticking a 205/50 on a 15x7 but I do like the look of those rears and may be swaying back!
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    Show your unique/rare mods!!

    I have a set of 14x6 vision VR-1's, this is them on my old Del Sol. Only set in the UK I believe.
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    Ek9 rolling shell

    Fair enough mate. Good luck in your search. Looking forward to seeing the project started!
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    New to the forum

    Welcome along mate. Sounds like an interesting project ahead!
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    Ek9 rolling shell

    I understand if you've got your heart set on an EK9 shell but why not just an import EK? That's if it's just a clean shell you're after.
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Thanks mate. It's nice after spending weeks taking things off it to start the process of going forward instead of backwards!
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    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Had a few hours this afternoon, got all the welding done in the RHF arch, there was a patch that was gonna be awkward as hell to replace and still look good so I cut it all out and will just use the whole to run a cold air feed. Best of a bad situation. Got that corner stitched and in...
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    Energy Suspension Master Polybush Kit For Ek9

    I've just ordered polybushes for mine and just ordered everything separately so I knew exactly what I was getting and that it was what I wanted.
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    Suspension bolts

    Someone could make an absolute killing by just doing a suspension set where all the bolts come on one neat little pack. I'd buy one and do a suspension bolt overhaul for sure!
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    spraying engine

    I did my last one, wire wheeled to clean it up and a general good clean followed by some VHT silver and it worked well.